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Awkward little thing πŸ˜‚ gender guess for fun

12 replies

Lyris · 13/05/2020 10:30

Here is my little brat who refused to move from its front apart from to turn its back so only got 1 photo. Clearly takes after me and cant be assed. I'm already obsessed with that nose πŸ’™

Any guesses on gender just for fun?

Awkward little thing πŸ˜‚ gender guess for fun
OP posts:
NerfectPobody · 13/05/2020 17:00

I think she's a girl Smile

3isthemagicnumber3 · 13/05/2020 17:17

Girl πŸ’–

BabyB19 · 13/05/2020 19:21

I think girl too πŸ’œ

bitmynailbrokemytooth · 13/05/2020 19:24


I clicked on the picture and decided straightaway and before seeing the other responses here.

I've had one of each and this looks more like a girl scan.

Yes it is a cute nose.

MilaRos · 13/05/2020 19:38

I think boy! On my girls scan I had 3 white lines near the genital area, which was apparently likely for a female. On my boys scan the nub pointed slightly up. Which I can see on this little pic. :)

Windyatthebeach · 13/05/2020 19:39

Girl just from the fact my ds's are never shy about flashing their bits!!

Lyris · 14/05/2020 07:53

Aw thanks guys 😁 I would like a little princess.... only because all my friends have boys and I never get to buy pretty things haha. We shall see!

OP posts:
Beau2020 · 14/05/2020 07:55

My little girl is a big wiggler too, so I'm going to guess girl! πŸ’•

AppleKatie · 14/05/2020 07:58

Boy, looks like my scan with my boy who was also awkward and refused to show the sonographer his bits!

Mucklowe · 14/05/2020 13:14

I think girl too! Not a princess... a girl. Unless you're married to royalty.

Lyris · 14/05/2020 13:59

@Mucklowe sadly not! I was holding out for wills but he never met me unlucky for him πŸ˜‚ my cat is a princess... just how I seem to refer to female things I love... unless they are older and then they are queen πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

OP posts:
DressingGown87 · 14/05/2020 14:09

@lyris mine did the same at my scan on Sunday. Constantly moving, facing forwards / backwards, putting feet up. In the end they managed to trick her into showing. So on that basis, I guess you’ve got an awkward Girl too!

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