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C-Section vs Induction

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Rhilou · 12/05/2020 16:24

I’m currently 38weeks + 2 days pregnant. I had an emergency c-section with my first pregnancy. I’ve only just started considering a planned c-section this time around because the restrictions re covid-19 (Partner not allowed to be with you until you are in ‘active labour - 4cm dilated). I was induced last time and stayed 2cm for hours and hours, I don’t want him to miss the birth etc. Anyone else having the same concerns? I wondered if I could have a planned c-section at 41 weeks to see if I go into natural labour this time but don’t know if 41 weeks is too late to have a c-section? Thinking out loud really, I’m so confused!

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KnobwithaK · 12/05/2020 16:41

I have literally just come off the phone to my consultant and this was one of the things that we spoke about, if only briefly. I told her that if I went overdue I would personally prefer a c section to an induction and she has booked me a further consultant appointment at 41 weeks so that if and when it becomes necessary I can discuss this. So no c section booked exactly, but c section rather than induction seems to be a valid option Smile

Rhilou · 12/05/2020 16:53

Glad I’m not the only one! It’s such an uncertain time isn’t it. I also have an appointment with consultant booked in for next week (I’ll be 39+4). I don’t know whether I should have a sweep on the day of my appointment, are you having any or letting nature takes its course?

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KnobwithaK · 12/05/2020 16:59

I'm only 29 weeks so not really at that stage yet!

My general approach (at least for now) is to have as little intervention as possible, and if anything changes which increases the risk of birth complications then switch to a c section. Luckily the hospital seems to be supportive of this.

schafernaker · 12/05/2020 17:11

I’ve opted for csection over induction after an awful induction experience with DD1. Consultant actually suggested it was probably the better option. Obviously now it’s looking like baby May need to be delivered early so the csection is looking odds on favourite

Rhilou · 12/05/2020 17:29

@KnobwithaK I wish you all the best 🤞it’s good the hospital are being supportive. I’m hoping my consultant is too!

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Rhilou · 12/05/2020 17:32

@schafernaker same, my induction just dragged on and I didn’t progress at all. Ideally I’d like natural labour with epidural but if I don’t go into labour naturally I think I’m better off having planned c-section. Everyone I’ve spoken to that have had planned c-section say how much more relaxed it is because you know when you’re going in, you’re in control etc. I wish you all the best! When are you due?

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Nachonacho · 12/05/2020 17:37

Hi OP, I have had to make the same decision this Week! I too had a long failed induction resulting in an Emergency Section with my First DC. I have opted for an elective this time, although I would love a natural birth; with the covid situation and childcare issues I decided having a date to work from would be best to organise everything. I'm 37 Weeks and having my section in a fortnight Smile

lorisparkle · 12/05/2020 17:42

When I was waiting for a very late ds2 (after c-section with ds1) the consultant discussed the risks of induction after a c-section. She was very clear it was my choice and both were valid options but when I asked her what option she personally would go for she said c-section. I decided that I would follow her lead and went for a second c-section.

lorisparkle · 12/05/2020 17:44

I have had 3 planned c-sections and once I mentally accepted that I would never experience a natural birth all 3 were very positive experiences.

adag · 12/05/2020 19:47

I have a 12 week old - had a csection first time and asked not to be induced. Had a second section booked for 41+5 days and had him naturally at 40+2. They completely supported not wanting to take the risk of induction after a previous section and were happy to schedule after due date to give the best chance of a natural birth. Good luck whatever you decide x

fedupandlookingforchange · 12/05/2020 19:58

I've just got a c section agreed by the consultant for number 2. I had a very long labour and the drip with ds ending in a emcs. Apparently I only have a 25% chance of needing another c section but no mention of how I would be induced or risk of instrumental birth so I've stuck with the c section option. I don't think they'd let me go overdue this time due to scar risk.
In truth I'm not particularly looking forward to it but DP will be with me all the time and last time was so horrific so I'm not in a hurry to repeat labour. It will also make it easier to organise childcare, work schedules etc. DP is convinced its the right option.

Rhilou · 12/05/2020 21:44

@Nachonacho it’s a hard decision to make but I think having it planned at least gives you some control over the situation! I also have to think about childcare so seems most logical option right now! I wish you all the best Smile

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Rhilou · 12/05/2020 21:46

@lorisparkle thank you, that’s really useful to know! They haven’t really been against me having c-section again so that’s been reassuring.

OP posts:
Rhilou · 12/05/2020 21:49

@adag thank you, that’s really reassuring! The idea of natural labour does scare me so if it does happen, I hope there’s still time for an epidural. Having said that, having a c-section is scary too! I hope you and baby are keeping well x

OP posts:
Rhilou · 12/05/2020 21:54

@fedupandlookingforchange that’s true, there is no clear indication of the chances of an induction or instrumental birth which is daunting in itself! Hopefully as it’s planned you’ll feel more relaxed about it now rather than it happening as an emergency. I wish you all the best Smile

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