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Spontaneous BFP after failed IVFs

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Dia12 · 11/05/2020 14:36

Hi everyone, I've been a regular on the infertility boards for past couple of years during our TTC #1.

We suffer from mild MFI and have had 2 ICSI cycles which ended in biochemical pregnancies and then spontaneous conceived twice but ended in CP too. Having given up on natural conception, we undertook another ICSI cycle with PGS in Greece in January with lots of other tests etc and this ended in one PGS-normal embryo that was ready to transfer before coronavirus shut everything down.

So when my period was late on 9th May I ended up doing a HPT and to my amazement it was a BFP!
For what's its worth, i has some twinges and pulling around my uterus but this is sometimes what I feel around my period anyway and I have had zero pregnancy symptoms so really wasn't expecting this.

We want to be happy but more nervous than anything as we have been here before and unsure of how things will progress. The next few days/weeks are going to difficult and not quite sure how to get through them/what to do different.

Please join and share your experiences if you have/are going through anything similar.

OP posts:
Nomorewineever · 11/05/2020 14:42

Yes - kind of!!

I had 6 rounds of clomid, 3 rounds of IUI and 2 rounds of IVF - all failed. No factors - unexplained. Then my marriage ended spectacularly after H got his mistress pregnant. I gave up on being a parent completely - in fact 6 months later I met someone whose own marriage had failed due to their inability to have a child (MFI). So we were together knowing the chances of having a child were next to nothing. But we were serious about each other and after a period of time decided contraception was pointless. First cycle I had a BFP. All was well!

Elouera · 11/05/2020 14:52

Sorry for your losses. Friend had multiple IVF rounds after loosing a tube to an ectopic. Told they'd never have their own children. Fell pregnant naturally, then when baby was 3mths old, fell with twins!!! 3 kids under 18mths. Anything is possible.

MissHoney85 · 11/05/2020 14:58

@Dia12 Massive congratulations! I'm in exactly the same situation, in fact I think I remember you from the IVF board as we were cycling at around the same time! I'm having a hard time managing the anxiety too - I don't know how people do 2 months of this until the 12 week scan. Also not helped by having had a (very very brief and faint) CP after my IVF so pretty convinced that it's going to happen again and reading way too much into every sign, like heart rate and temp. No real symptoms yet, a bit off my food and a bit of lower back ache. Still testing every day (6 days now...) and seem to be getting progression so πŸ€žπŸ™

Dia12 · 11/05/2020 15:14

Oh sounds like an ordeal and a half @Nomorewineever but what a wonderful ending, a happy relationship and a baby too. Many congrats.

Wow @Elouera - that's wonderfully inspiring. Thank you for sharing. I think I tend to lose hope not so much because of the infertility issues but more so because I'm 40 and feel like I'm running out of time. But I've got a chance right now and am so grateful. Twins would be a bonus πŸ˜‰

Hiiiii@MissHoney85 and congrats! I do remember you too. So pleased you're line is progressing, it must give you more confidence. Fingers crossed for you too.
Have your clinic given you any advice?

As I was in the middle of my FET I have lots of cyclogest, aspirin and low molecular weight warfarin which would have been used in the event of a transfer (they wanted to cover all bases). I've emailed my clinic and waiting for a response from them.

I also emailed my recurrent miscarriage clinic but they are closed due to covid and unable to perform any early reassurance scans!

OP posts:
MissHoney85 · 11/05/2020 15:23

@Dia12 I haven't told my clinic, or my GP. I wasn't sure if it would affect the funding for my next round. I'm not really sure anyway what my feelings are now about trying IVF again should this not work out, now that we know we might be able to conceive naturally - hopefully that's a bridge I won't have to cross...

WhatWouldPennyDo · 11/05/2020 15:28


2 x failed IVF on NHS after many years of trying, unexplained infertility. Had additional testing at a clinic in Greece, including a hysteroscopy. Told to try naturally, and planned to return later this year for more IVF.

Fell pregnant naturally 4 months after returning. Now almost half way through (all being well) my first ever pregnancy.

Wishing you the best of luck.

Elouera · 11/05/2020 16:38

OP- you mentioned the recurrent MC clinic is shut, and cant do scans. Have you asked your GP or called your local early pregnancy unit? Due you my history of MC, plus having a higher risk (I'm 42) IVF pregnancy, I was told to have a viability scan at 7-8 weeks. Some EPU will take self-referrals, whereas my local one, will only take GP referrals. It worth given them a call and see IF they will do a viability scan for you.

Dia12 · 11/05/2020 18:31

I would let your GP know as hopefully he can sort out an early scan and you won't be needing ivf anyway 🀞🏼

Congrats @WhatWouldPennyDo on your first pregnancy. So pleased for you. Excitement kicked in yet? Sounds like very honest advice from your clinic to tell you to try naturally. I found the level of care and detail to be excellent in Greece - really impressed by them.

Thank you @Elouera for that advice. I couldn't get through to gp all day so got in touch with the EPU directly and I have an email address to get the ball rolling in the right direction.

Now I just need to get through this week!

OP posts:
Dia12 · 12/05/2020 19:24

I did a very silly thing and started reading about the asda early HPT that I used - I wanted to know how sensitive it was and instead came across a whole load of reviews and articles about how this brand gives a lot of false positives!! πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ wth!

Trust me to pick the one bloody brand that is the least reliable and now I'm worried I'm not actually pregnant at all!

The only reassurance I have is there is still no bleeding - but I do keep checking. I'm going to go nuts at this rate.

OP posts:
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