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Baby Bjorn mini - recommend?

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duckling3 · 11/05/2020 07:41

Does anyone have a baby bjorn mini carrier? I think it looks lovely but dont know anyone who's tried it, so interested to know if anyone has and whether they would recommend it or not.

Also , any other highly recommended items it's so hard trying to get things organized s a first timer when you cant go to the shops and get a real feel for stuff.

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DappledThings · 11/05/2020 08:35

I wouldn't ever recommend any Baby Bjorn to anyone. I know they have improved their designs but they used to be terrible for hip.position and I wouldn't trust them to have improved that much.

I've also never seen any baby in a BB that was being carried high enough to be safe.

Really difficult when you can't go and try some out but I had a Beco Gemini which was brilliant. Used from about 8 weeks up to 3.5 years certainly value for money. Really easy to put on and properly supportive for you and the baby

duckling3 · 11/05/2020 09:34

Thanks, I've not heard of that one but I'll take a look at it

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