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Cr17 · 10/05/2020 16:45

Hi all,
So iam nearly 8 weeks pregnant and for the last couple of weeks I've been constantly feeling sick 🤢 I haven't physically been sick (have came close a couple of times) but it is also playing havoc with my appetite! I eat as I know I should but I never generally feel like eating anything in general... just wondering if you have any tips on anything I can do to help with this? I miss having an appetite and want to enjoy meal times again.

OP posts:
Pinkhan135 · 10/05/2020 16:50

Hey! I'd suggest sickness bands! I'm 11 weeks and my nausea is easing now. Hang on in there. Ginger tea, ginger biscuits. Try and eat little and often. If it get really bad then speak to your GP you may need an anti emetic if you start to vomit

lockdownpregnancy · 10/05/2020 16:51

Try plain rich tea biscuits and flat Diet Coke. arrowroot biscuits and ginger pieces (the crystallised ones from the health shops) also help with the feeling if being, alongside drinking plenty of water.

Cr17 · 10/05/2020 16:59

@Pinkhan135 I have seen online about sickness bands and did wonder if they actually worked? I may have to order one and at least give it a try!

OP posts:
Pinkhan135 · 10/05/2020 17:06

Mine have worked wonders for me but not for over ladies. Definitely worth giving them a go! I ordered the Mrtyle and Maude ones on amazon. They came with some boiled sweets and ginger tea! Think it cost about £20. Really recommend

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