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Help - Blighted Ovum

13 replies

LosingtheTTCplot · 09/05/2020 17:23

Hi Ladies

I went for a scan today at 9+5 and found there was a sac but no baby.

In the last year I’ve had 4 chemicals and now this.

I have a scan on Monday with NHS but don’t really know what best option would be: pills or D&C?

Anyone had a blighted Ovum that could help me understand this a bit better?


OP posts:
VenusStarr · 09/05/2020 17:29

I'm so sorry @LosingtheTTCplot. My first pregnancy initially looked like a blighted ovum. I was asked to go back 2 weeks later as my sac was not the right size to call it. When I went back they did find the pregnancy, but completely out of my dates, but I was sent away again. I did miscarry naturally during the second wait. I've had 2 pregnancies end this way and one chemical. I've not had to have medical or surgical intervention, so hope someone else will be along to talk to you about that.

Have you had recurrent mc testing? X

ravenwheeler · 09/05/2020 17:38

So sorry that this happened to you. I had the same a few months ago and had to go back a week later for another scan. I had a complicated treatment route based on my presentation, but given the choice I would have gone with a D&C. I had a variant of medical management and found the process but longer and more traumatic than the doctors seemed to expect it would be. In general, D&Cs seem to result in quicker resolution of the after-effects.

Mummyspider27 · 09/05/2020 17:41

I am so sorry, I had this with my third pregnancy. There was no sign of me naturally miscarrying and I was keen for it to be over so opted for a D&C. This was following IVF so just felt I had taken enough drugs and enough prodding a poking and wanted the quickest way to get it sorted. But I totally appreciate this doesn’t suit everyone.

On the day I arrived for the surgery I was with people there for all manor of day ops. But they handled it so sensitively. While everyone was waiting in 1 room for their slot they put me in my own bay. It was under GA, and apart from bleeding for a week or so after it had all been dealt with.

What put me off the pills was the risk of some things being retained and the need for the D&C anyway.

Like I say personal choice. Again so sorry, here for any questions/hand hold xxx

MrsRose2018 · 09/05/2020 17:45


I’m devastated for you! My first ever pregnancy last year was a blighted ovum!

I chose to have surgical management and it was actually an oddly peaceful experience! I went in, was put to sleep and I woke up a few hours later and it was over! I didn’t have to see if deal with passing anything which I wouldn’t have been able to handle!

My thoughts are with you xx

skinnyhotchoc · 09/05/2020 18:20

Not a blighted ovum but I had a mmc around the same time. I did go for the surgical management as I didn't want to wait around for all the grim bleeding and stomach pain. As a previous poster said it was totally straightforward. I went in, they were very kind, put me to sleep and woke up about an hour later and it was done. No pain at all and very little bleeding after. It meant I could just deal with the emotional side of things. The only thing that would make me hesitate is with covid 19 I might be a bit worried about being in hospital. Sorry you're going through this. It's hard

MrsRose2018 · 09/05/2020 19:01

Just to add to @skinnyhotchoc 'a very valid point

My waters broke at 25 weeks (I'm 30 weeks now) and I'm in hospital twice a week every week for monitoring! I was also In hospital for 72 hours when it happened for observation and have been to the assessment unit when we thought I was going into labour 2 weeks ago (I wasn't).

I can completely understand your concerns re Covid, but the hospital has been SO careful and taken all the precautions! All the staff are in PPE when they come into your room, let alone touch you and all patients have to sit the required 2m apart! They even mark off the seats in the waiting area!

If you decide you want to go for the surgical management don't let that worry you too much!

mable88 · 09/05/2020 20:40

So sorry you’re going through this. I had a blighted ovum which was found at 10 weeks last year and ended up miscarrying naturally - I had to wait two weeks from my initial scan for a follow up scan to check that my dates weren’t out and in that fortnight my body caught on and sorted it. I wish I had had the option of a d&c, for me the miscarrying was horrendous. I’d had a previous miscarriage at 8 weeks and this was infinitely worse. The worst was over in three days but I then bled for over a month after that. I wish I’d been given the option of surgical management as I’d have def gone for that (but understand that protocol was to rescan in two weeks).

bumblenbean · 09/05/2020 20:43

Sorry to hear this OP.

My first pregnancy in 2016 was a blighted ovum. I was devastated although to be honest I had a feeling something wasn’t right. I had a D&C which was very straightforward and, very luckily, conceived DS on my next cycle.

I hadn’t met anyone else who’d had a blighted ovum so felt a bit isolated as it didn’t feel like a ‘normal’ miscarriage, but I think it is fairly common.

Wishing you every success with your next pregnancy.

LosingtheTTCplot · 09/05/2020 22:25

Thank you all for your comments.

Devastating though it is, your comments have helped massively xx

OP posts:
Emmav2020 · 10/01/2021 22:26

@LosingtheTTCplot hi OP, just found this thread as i am going through this exact situation now. My bleeding has just stopped and now waiting for my period. Did you concieve again after? Or are you still trying? Terrified about trying and it happening again. Ive been googling trying to find what causes it but no info x

TTCROYGBIV · 11/01/2021 20:25

Hi @Emmav2020

Sorry you have gone through this. It’s a truly awful experience.

Here’s what happened after this post:
Had the misoprostol at 11+2 in May, worked straight away and bled horrifically to the point of almost passing out with the sight of it all.
Tested every day for 3 weeks and still had a positive test after that so had an ERPC in June.
Almost had a negative a couple of weeks afterwards and then tests started getting darker. Had a scan which showed I’d ovulated but also retained products so had to have 48 hour bloods which showed a small increase but not doubling so had to have a hysteroscopy with ERPC in July.
Then a few weeks later had an infection.
Then I was rushed to hospital in October with abdo pain and had a tube infection.
AF was missing for 18 weeks after the second surgery and finally came back in November.
First cycle was only 15 days long followed by a 22 day cycle, then a 25 day cycle which is my norm. Just onto cycle 4 now so only just back to normal normal.

Fingers crossed you get back to normal sooner than what I did. It’s been horrific but I’m trying to be more relaxed in 2021, hopefully it will happen soon for us both xx

Emmav2020 · 11/01/2021 21:18

@TTCROYGBIV OMG i don't even know what to say thats sounds horrendous. How are you feeling now? Xx

TTCROYGBIV · 11/01/2021 22:54

@Emmav2020 finally feel physically healed as my last cycle was normal length etc.

December was hard mentally as was my due date and I didn’t have my baby for Christmas.

But I’ve started January as a new slate and trying to put it all behind me. Feels crazy how 9 months of the 18 months trying I’ve not been able to try and feels wasted but clearly my body needed to heal which actually helped me hear mentally xx

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