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Extreme bruising from blood thinner injections

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najs89 · 09/05/2020 11:40

Hello, currently on blood thinning injections called Fragmin. I'm bruising really badly. It's not so much painful it's just really concerning me the appearance? I'm injecting into my stomach and the bruises are so big they've just pooled together. Has anyone had a similar experience? The bruise isn't far off 15CM long.

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Extreme bruising from blood thinner injections
OP posts:
tartanbow · 09/05/2020 12:32

omg! I had to have these after my c section and although I got small bruises are the injection site nothing like this! ouch - do you normally bruise easily?

daisy86 · 09/05/2020 12:40

I’m currently on these and hate injecting myself - it’s really horrible. However I haven’t had anything like this (yet) and I bruise easily. How long have you been injecting them OP? I would definitely contact your midwife ASAP. I was told you can also inject into your leg so might be worth asking about that?

Avearage · 10/05/2020 17:01

Hi, I've had this.... With time they have reduced and I don't have anywhere near the amount I was having.... My second jab was like the size of a dinner plate 😱 also if it feels abit too stingy on just starting I actually relocate somewhere else seems to have helped me x

FirstTM2020 · 10/05/2020 17:20


I would stop injecting in to your stomach as the blood flow there is increasing by the day and more blood flow- more bruising. Also they should also advise you to stay away from injecting into stomach as time goes on especially if you are very thin.

Inject in to the outside of your thighs from now on hun less bruising and much more safer.

I'm also on them and have been before pregnancy and during pregnancy. Also a nurse too if this helps with the advise. Xx

Amichelle84 · 10/05/2020 18:02

Try injecting in different areas of the belly to help spread it out. I was in hospital for 3 weeks once and came out looking battered from those injections.

Ethellsmum · 10/05/2020 23:33

I find I bruise worse on one side of my body than the other - nothing that bad though.

Ingridla · 10/05/2020 23:40

This happened to me when I was pregnant last time & spent 6 months on Fragmin, plus post partum, you need to change the site of entry, I swapped from belly to thigh to let the internal. scarring (which is the source of the pain) diminish. Good luck, I know it's tough x

JKD1982 · 11/05/2020 00:02

Hi @najs89

I would definitely move to injecting in your legs. My midwife said to rotate both legs to avoid bruising

Have you tried numbing with an ice cube before you inject?

Mummylanie3 · 11/05/2020 00:14

I was on these from 28 weeks pregnant from 28 weeks to my c section at 39 weeks I only got tiny pin prick bruises I'm now on them till 10 weeks post section currently on week 3 and my bruises are like this I change thighs every day as I to mine in top of legs and mind are all mixing together I mentioned it to midwife she said could be change in hormones and blood in system

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