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7 weeks pregnant with PCOS

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lilyc88 · 09/05/2020 01:17

hi, anyone out there with PCOS and pregnant? im only on week 7 but finding that my acne is getting out of control. its sprouted over the past week and its probably the worse breakout i've had. the last time this happened i had to take antibiotics but since i'm pregnant now i'm staying away from them. just wanting to see if anyone went through something similar and have any recommendations? did it all go away :(

OP posts:
Listerbug · 09/05/2020 08:51

Hi lilyc88

I have PCOS and now have a lovely 3 month old daughter. I didn't have acne but I did get other complications due to the PCOS like gestational diabetes, high blood pressure and I ended up having an emergency c section so I feel for you as its not an easy ride being pregnant with PCOS.
All worth it now I'm out the other side with a wonderful daughter though Smile having spent years thinking it would never happen for me due to the PCOS.
Guess I'm just trying to say stay positive, it will be worth all the trouble when your little one arrives Grin
In the meantime, anything over the counter containing either benzoyl peroxide or glycolic acid should be safe to use, just double check with the pharmacist first.

Stay safe and best wishes for your pregnancy x

Mum1983 · 09/05/2020 10:04

It’s likely hormones playing up but watch your sugar intake as it’s so inflammatory. Mine always gets worse the worse my diet is. Lots of water. I’m still using my salicylic acid toner twice daily and it’s a godsend.

lilyc88 · 10/05/2020 00:08

@Listerbug ah congrats! i totally know what you mean, i'm grateful that i managed to get pregnant without having too many interventions! glad to hear everything will work out, gives me something to look forward to :)

@Mum1983 that's good to know i'll try drink more water - guilty!
i'm alternating between glycolic acid and benzoyl peroxide at the moment and it seems to be calming down slowly.

OP posts:
allfurcoatnoknickers · 10/05/2020 02:43

@lilyc88 I have PCOS and had a baby last year. I didn't have acne, but I was SO hairy through my entire pregnancy Sad. Other than that, no PCOS related symptoms. It was great to not have periods for over a year TBH.

Asianchick6693 · 10/05/2020 04:06

Hey I'm 11 weeks and I have PCOS. My acne was horrible at the beginning with it leaving scarring but luckily only this week it seems to have calmed down and slowly the scarring is fading. Try to stay hydrated. I've heard it affects women with PCOS usually in the first and second trimester. Try not to worry too much. If it does get extremely out of hand then maybe talk to a doctor and see what they suggest. I was also on a topical lotion which contains antibiotics and the doctor told me to stay away from it for at least the first trimester. All the best xx

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