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Baby hiccups ?

7 replies

jdy123 · 07/05/2020 19:02

FTM here, today I've felt a movement I've not felt before. It's repetitive and it feels like a pulse or heartbeat In my belly.
Is this what hiccups feels like ? I would have expected hiccups to be slower....
I'm 28 weeks on Saturday and have felt this twice today, is that normal?

OP posts:
Malysh · 07/05/2020 19:04

I've felt the same and assumed it was hiccups. So I think it's fairly normal.

AmandaHoldensLips · 07/05/2020 19:07

Constant hiccups from the baby on board. Woke me up at night. Every day baby had hiccups multiple times. Then baby was born. Hiccups all the time years later!

SqidgeBum · 07/05/2020 19:42

Yes it's probably hiccups. My baby had them nearly every day in the womb. Cute at first, but drove me mad after a while lol

Bobbiepin · 07/05/2020 20:55

Sounds like hiccups. My dd had them all the time and still does!

hotchocolateeee · 07/05/2020 20:58

I've been experiencing them too! Pulsing sensations, it's weird haha. I just assumed that they're hiccups, I'm 28 weeks on Sunday!

jdy123 · 07/05/2020 20:59

Aw thanks everyone this makes me feel better DaffodilDaffodil

OP posts:
Natalie654321 · 07/05/2020 21:00

Sounds like hiccups... My baby had so many from about 30 weeks. When she was born she had them lots too!

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