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Advice pls; 17 weeks Chronic hematoma bleed

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Smartiex · 07/05/2020 16:46

Hey Ladies,

I posted on here last weekend as I had a bright red bleed for over 4 hours. Went to NHS they said they weren't concerned as they couldnt see anything on the scan or any reason for the bleed so to carry on as normal. I am high risk for cervical incompetence so have to have cervical length checks from 19 weeks onwards.

I booked a private cervical length scan today as I was worried about waiting another 2 weeks after the bleed. As soon as they scanned they saw a bleed right next to my placenta and umbilical cord called a chronic hematoma. She then done an abdominal scan and saw there was specs of blood floating all around the baby from the bleed. She checked the baby had not swallowed any as it can be dangerous but was very shocked the NHS hadn't picked this up. She said it was still active blood and I could maybe bleed again.

Has anyone else had this and had it resolve on it's own? She said they will have to check me in 2 weeks now as part of the cervical check to make sure it's gone down. Main concern was all of the blood floating around the baby it looked horrible seeing it on the screen! :( x

She said I have a Low laying placenta but not to worry about that at this stage as it can move up on it's own but could have been caused by that popping a blood vessel.

Just wanted to see if anyone else had similar experiences and all was ok? I'm very anxious in this pregnancy as we were told we may not ever be able to conceive and it happened so now worrying about every thing like crazy!

Thanks x

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Smartiex · 08/05/2020 12:38

Any advice? X

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