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Not feeling pregnant at 21 weeks

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LENL20 · 07/05/2020 12:06


I am just wondering if anyone is having the same feeling as me.. I'm not showing at all, in looking a little chubby but nothing else.. I'm 21 weeks pregnant and I am the same weight as I was when I got pregnant.. I am worried this isn't a good thing.

I am one of the lucky ones who has only been sick once but I feel sick often with a weird taste in my mouth after I drink or eat.

I have also lost my appetite and don't really feel like eating however I am making sure I have 3 meals a day.

I'm feeling pretty low about being pregnant because obviously I don't feel pregnant so I feels like I'm a fake? I have had 4 scans (8, 12, 16 and 20 weeks) and baby is looking healthy and moving.. I should mention I also can't feel baby move at all yet.

Any advice would be welcomed


OP posts:
ChelseaCat · 07/05/2020 12:08

Sounds like you’re very lucky! Enjoy it!!

Pinkpepper9 · 07/05/2020 12:17

Exactly the same as you!! Take photos of your stomach week by week, you will start to see the changes Smile

Zaalfruit · 07/05/2020 12:18

I’m the same no bump just my stomach flab that annoys me since my mid 20s . When is your 20 week scan?

Zaalfruit · 07/05/2020 12:19

Oh and no feelings yet :( lots of people have said here first time mum sometimes don’t feel the flutters and stomach muscles can take some time to push out .

Shanlou12 · 07/05/2020 12:27

A lot of first time mums don’t feel movements until quite late on! I think up to 28 weeks is normal to not feel movement :)

littlefawn · 07/05/2020 12:42

2nd pregnancy and I've definitely felt movement's earlier than the first and I'm showing more so I think with a first pregnancy you're normal, and lots of people don't get much nausea either. I did but I've only been sick about 3 times.

PrinnyPree · 07/05/2020 14:34

Do you have an anterior placenta? I only started to get the very faint bubbles around 21 weeks wasn't until 25 weeks that I felt some undeniable movements.

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