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Am I pregnant?

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Maisylouu · 06/05/2020 23:35

Hello! Just need some advice. I have taken the cheap pregnancy tests and they have a cane up with a faint positive line.
Took a clear blue test and it said 'not pregnant' so I'm unsure? What is everyone opinions please?

Can anyone else see the positive line?

Am I pregnant?
OP posts:
Infused · 06/05/2020 23:38

I had an almost identical pregnancy test to you (same brand) last week. Thought it was positive, then took a clear blue digital and got a negative. Period came the next day!

So based on that I'd say probably not I'm afraid.

Maisylouu · 06/05/2020 23:42

Oh ok! Yeah I done this test 2 days ago, done another today and got the same result which is why I went and brought a clear blue test as wasn't sure!
I had the same issue with my two children, faint positive on cheap tests and not pregnant on a clear blue and it turned out the cheap tests was right so it's so confusing! I'll just see if I come on my period or do another if I'm late x

OP posts:
sel2223 · 06/05/2020 23:43

Is it supposed to be a cross in the circle for positive?

TPBrooks2629 · 06/05/2020 23:47

That looks positive to me. The best HPK for testing early are the Clearblue Early Detection - they’re great!

Maisylouu · 06/05/2020 23:51

Yes it is meant to be a cross in the circle section!
& I am unsure I mean Iv done a few now, all the cheap ones are coming out very faint lines but clear blue said not pregnant! So I'm unsure, I have read that you have to have a certain amount of hcg levels for clear blue's to detect pregnancy!

OP posts:
Infused · 06/05/2020 23:52

Ah ok that's interesting that you had faint positives with your other two children. In that case you could be then? When is your period due?

Maisylouu · 06/05/2020 23:53

I am due on in the next few days! The reason I done a test was because i feel all moody, stressed, bloated and constantly hungry.. my body kind of knows when something different is going on if that makes sense lol x

OP posts:
GraceG26 · 06/05/2020 23:55

The Clearblue you say you’ve used, is that an Early Detection one?

Maisylouu · 07/05/2020 00:00

No it was the one that says 'pregnant' or 'not pregnant' x

OP posts:
sel2223 · 07/05/2020 00:01

Ok the digital ones are the least sensitive so are rarely accurate before you've missed a period.
Can you get hold of a FRER or other pink dye test? They seem to be the best for early detection.

RyanStartedTheFire · 07/05/2020 00:04

Is that a sainsburys test? If so, they're awful for evap lines just like that. I'd second buying a first response.

Maisylouu · 07/05/2020 00:06

It was a Tesco one, the £3.50 ones? Never used those before until now so I don't know how good they are!

OP posts:
GraceG26 · 07/05/2020 00:08

I agree that the Clearblue that say ‘Pregnant’ or ‘Nothing Pregnant’ can show negative for a while, even after late period.

The best ones are the Early Detection or First Response. I would highly advise those!

I can see the faint positive. Did that show straight away or could it potentially be an evaporation line?

Infused · 07/05/2020 00:08

Personally I'd just wait for AF to either arrive (in which case you've saved yourself 10 quid!) or test the day after your missed period.

I know it's easier said than done when you just want to know. But having tested too early myself, getting two faint positives and then getting all excited and then really gutted when it turned out to be negative, I've promised myself that this month, I am not testing until AF is late Smile

Maisylouu · 07/05/2020 00:17

Yeah I just want to know it is so frustrating! I recon I will wait now to see if I come on my period or not! Then we will know for sure lol x

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