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Movements only in lower part of uterus

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Tealwallpaper · 06/05/2020 22:07

Has anyone had this ? Consistent (for weeks) movements only low down either around cervix or lowest part of abdomen ?
With my others movements were all over by now (24w)
Just find it a bit strange

OP posts:
Tealwallpaper · 06/05/2020 22:15

Placenta is posterior so it’s not that blocking any movement being felt
At 20w scan I mentioned it and the sonographer said yes baby was feet down but it hasn’t changed position at all ?

OP posts:
thetoddleratemyhomework · 06/05/2020 22:21

I had the opposite and pretty much only ever had movements under my ribs and above belly button- head down, back to back and feet up. Plus muffled by a very high placenta. I can't speak for your situation and if you are worried do press your midwife but I thought I would post in case it helped to know that someone else only had movements in one place.

Tealwallpaper · 06/05/2020 22:26

Thankyou I have been really worried as it’s just in one place all the time. Good to hear of someone else experiencing similar I had emailed in to the midwife and I’m hoping they call back tomorrow. My scan was ok and the amount of moving seems ok it’s just it’s such a small area

OP posts:
BrooHaHa · 06/05/2020 22:35

Mine's there too. 19 weeks at present. I only felt higher movements well into the third trimester last time. But you can see if you Google image '24 weeks pregnant', that the baby's still very low down so it makes sense you'd feel movements there.

Movements only in lower part of uterus
Tealwallpaper · 06/05/2020 22:37

I think I’m just over anxious as comparing to previous pregnancies I suppose they can all be different it’s just really odd how different these movements are

OP posts:
THNG5 · 06/05/2020 22:41

I'm pregnant with my 4th, 24 weeks on Saturday. I can only feel movements low down as well. At my 20 week scan, baby had feet down as well. I'm not worried.
This is actually my first baby that I can feel so often! The 3 others were lazy sods! 😆

BeautyAndTheBump1 · 06/05/2020 22:53

I only got movements below my belly button until the 3rd trimester. Probably 30+ weeks!

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