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Miscarriage and pregnancy tests

11 replies

Lumie9 · 06/05/2020 16:36

Hi all

I had a confirmed miscarriage just over 3 weeks ago and was told to do a pregnancy test after 2 weeks, by which time it should show as negative as my HCG levels should have returned to normal.

I am still getting a faint positive after more than 3 weeks. I’m going in for a scan tomorrow, but I just wondered what other peoples’ experience of this was - how long after miscarriage were you still getting a positive result? Information online says anything from 2 weeks to over a month, so I’m confused.

I realise there may be tissue etc which may need to be removed with a D&C (although I hear they are not doing those at the moment due to Covid?)

Obviously the reason I’m asking is I am stupidly holding onto hope that it could be a new pregnancy - I have had intercourse since and I usually ovulate very early in my cycle.

Thanks all! X

OP posts:
Aria2015 · 06/05/2020 16:43

It's possible it's a new pregnancy. I did get a positive after a miscarriage with no period in between but I've also had faint positives show up in a pg test a month (and even more) after a miscarriage. Not much help am I! I'm afraid a scan will be your best bet of confirming either way. That or a blood test.

Aria2015 · 06/05/2020 16:44

Meant to say, I hope you get the news you hope for and if not, I hope you get a bfp very soon!

bee222 · 06/05/2020 16:47

In my experience it really varies. I think it all depends on how far along you were when you mc.
For my first mc it took 6 weeks and for my most recent it was 3. with my first I had to go back for blood tests to check for retained tissue, tests came back fine, my body was just taking a bit longer to go back to normal.

BertieBotts · 06/05/2020 16:47

It could be a new pregnancy. But it could also be leftover hCG from the old pregnancy. Unfortunately there isn't really any way to tell - try waiting a week and testing again. You'll see then if it's a new pregnancy, the line will be stronger. But if it's leftover hCG the line should have gone away. If it's stayed faint, then I'd go back to EPU and ask for a scan.

The problem with a scan tomorrow is that if you're only getting faint positives in a new pregnancy, it will be too early to see anything on a scan.

Lumie9 · 06/05/2020 16:56

Thanks so much for your kind reply Aria. It’s such a cruel process, isn’t it - I can cope with the sadness, it’s the hope I can’t stand!

I do wonder what the scan will achieve though - surely they can’t see a pregnancy until 8 weeks, and if there was any visible tissue etc left in there, they would have seen it at the scan a few weeks ago?

Thanks again x

OP posts:
Lumie9 · 06/05/2020 17:00

Crossed losses Bertie - my thoughts exactly re the scan.

I was nearly 12 weeks when I miscarried so I guess it makes sense it would take a bit longer for the HCG levels to go down.

Thanks all

OP posts:
BertieBotts · 06/05/2020 17:07

Oh no, you can see a pregnancy much earlier than 8 weeks! Generally by about 4.5 weeks you can see the sac. By 6 weeks you can see a heartbeat. But a faint pregnancy test is often less than 4 weeks - once the line is solid, it's more likely you will see something.

Aria2015 · 06/05/2020 17:13

@BertieBotts a blood test is another option. The time I did get pregnant again I had a blood test before the scan and my hcg indicated a new pregnancy...

BertieBotts · 06/05/2020 20:30

Yes, very true, but you can only tell what's going on if you have two blood tests at least 48 hours apart. A single one isn't going to tell you much, and for some reason they are really reluctant to do hCG count bloods in the UK, unless you're under RMC.

Lumie9 · 06/05/2020 21:35

They did HCG tests two days apart to confirm the miscarriage - so, in theory, my levels should be lower than that second test a couple of weeks ago, and if it’s higher, it could be a new pregnancy?

I’m sure it’s not as simple as that...they really do seem to tell you the bare minimum about this process so I’m forced to speculate.

Will report back tomorrow if of interest.

OP posts:
BertieBotts · 06/05/2020 22:28

Ah I see - yes, in that case you could defo tell with a third hCG test. The levels wouldn't bounce back up again unless it's a new pregnancy, it is as simple as that.

I was assuming you hadn't had hCG done because as I said it seems to be some freakishly guarded thing in the UK! I have had miscarriages as well as a successful pregnancy in Germany and they were constantly taking my blood for some reason or another.

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