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Any chance of partners allowed at scans soon?

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Troubledmummy3 · 06/05/2020 00:48

Just a question, asking for opinions πŸ™‚
I'm due to have my 20 week anomaly scan in 8 days...I had my 12 week one alone and haven't had any appointments since due to the current situation. I just wondered what people think the chances are that my husband will be able to attend with me? As it stands I know he can't 😞 but I do understand why. Are there any ladies out there with scans coming up? I've been locked down for 8 weeks now I'd only just announced the pregnancy and now it's like I'm pregnant alone! Anyone else feeling like this? xx

OP posts:
flameprincess · 06/05/2020 01:38

I have a scan next week and have been told no partner allowed. Really gutted. Will be 21 weeks, only seen a midwife once and supposed to be under consultant care as high risk but not had anything but phonecalls. Really crappy time to be pregnant at the moment I feel your pain Sad
I was hoping to get actual appointments soon but midwife told me my appointment in June will also be a phonecall. Yet supposedly they are turning two stadiums in the Midlands where I live into temporary maternity units? Do wonder if I'm just going to be left to it until baby arrives!

peachypetite · 06/05/2020 06:02

I can’t see it changing in a week OP sorry. My scan next week I’ll be in the room alone too.

Elouera · 06/05/2020 06:05

Only other option is to have a private scan a week or so later. Some private clinics are allowing partners in.

BrooHaHa · 06/05/2020 06:39

Mine is next Tuesday. I've not been told yet whether a partner will be allowed. He was at the twelve week one (my trust is quite lenient though- we're still doing actual midwife appointments and that doesn't seem likely to change). Unfortunately, he won't be able to come even if he is allowed to- someone has to stay at home with DD. I can't imagine they'll remove restrictions before then if they've already been placed.

Foxd0g · 06/05/2020 07:12

I was speaking to my midwife earlier this week - I'm due to give birth in the next 5/6 weeks and asked about birth partners.

She said, although of course she doesn't know anything for sure, she thinks that the rules around no partners will be one of the first things they lift in maternity services, and she expects that to be 'relatively soon'. No promises though of course - I'm just hoping DH can be there for the duration of my labour as I'm a FTM!

I wouldn't imagine anything will change by next week but you could have a private reassurance scan too so

I'd say have a private reassurance scan so your DH can see baby if you want to. I hate scans alone due to a previous MC but the midwives and sonographers are so lovely and reassuring, you'll be fine. If you're feeling anxious he could wait for you in the car, but I'm sure you and baby will be fine.

Am at a different stage to you but also feel a bit scared and alone, and you kind of expect to have that wider support network of friends and family. You can do this though, OP, and it won't be forever!

1990shopefulftm · 06/05/2020 08:01

I m not hopeful, I had to go to my 12 week one alone and I expect my 20 week one in 3 weeks to be the same, I felt awful before the 12 week one but they were lovely and despite the hospital refusing to write down the gender as a policy, I m focusing on that baby at this moment is healthy and that I can still make a nice suprise for DH after the scan.

LuckyWright · 06/05/2020 08:11

I have my 20 week one tomorrow which I'll be going to alone. We had a private one at 16 weeks which meant my husband could be there - it was amazing. It was also mainly so we could find out the sex together. I'd recommend them x

Troubledmummy3 · 06/05/2020 08:50

It's rubbish to hear everyone else dealing with this too... @flameprincess that's exactly how I feel! I'm also high risk and my consultants appt was over the phone at 16's just such a surreal time to be pregnant!

I would absolutely love to have a private scan - but I live on the Isle of Wight...there is nowhere on the island that does scans other than the hospital...and it's essential travel only off the it's just not an option at the moment...

OP posts:
Troubledmummy3 · 06/05/2020 08:53

@LuckyWright good luck for tomorrow, sorry you've got to experience it alone xx

OP posts:
bee222 · 06/05/2020 10:19

I think they might start relaxing the rules about this soon. I had an NHS early scan yesterday (due to my previous history and some pain and bleeding) and they let my partner into the scan room. They said they were allowing this because they knew we had a high chance of getting bad news again. They had a system where he waited in the corridor (he wasn’t allowed in the waiting room) and was called in by the nurse when the sonography was ready. He stood in the corner of the room and everyone was as far apart from each other as possible. Fingers crossed they start allowing this for all scans soon.

EBM20 · 06/05/2020 11:28

I'm hoping they will start lifting the restriction of having to go to scans on your own. I had 2 early scans due to bleeding and had to do them both on my own, the first sonographer wasant very sympathetic and told me to stop crying or I won't scan you and you will have no news to tell your partner waiting in the car! The second scan on my own different sonographer was lovely but I still have high anxiety about having to go to my 12 week scan in 9 days time by myself!

Troubledmummy3 · 06/05/2020 13:08

@bee222 I'm glad they were so understanding for you and hope everything goes ok ❀️

@EBM20 I'm so sorry to hear about your awful experience! How awful at a time like this! They did let me record some of my 12 week scan to take home though...think I've watched it 100 times now πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

OP posts:
sel2223 · 06/05/2020 15:06

Sorry OP but I can't see this changing in the next few weeks.
I've had my last 2 scans alone and it was fine tbh. It actually made me feel safer that there weren't loads of people in the waiting room and the sonographer both times was lovely and really helped put me at ease.

Troubledmummy3 · 06/05/2020 19:09

With the news that lockdown is going to be eased on Monday I'm actually holding onto a glimmer of hope! We will see...but I agree it's reassuring that the hospital maternity wards are empty to keep everyone safe πŸ™‚

OP posts:
Sheera1 · 06/05/2020 21:29

I have a private scan on Friday and partner is not allowed. I hope as I am paying for it I can take a wee video of the screen all being well. 🀞🀞.

I was at the maternity ward for bloods last week and the notice in the lifts said a birthing partner was allowed. No children can visit the wars though or other visitors after. I think they will have us ejected out as fast a poss which suits me.

I can't see them allowing more people in for scans even if they ease up some restrictions due to the risk to pregnant woman over even more people potentially contaminating the wards and lifts etc. It does such, but I get it.

Troubledmummy3 · 07/05/2020 09:21

I'm fine with going alone, it's my husband I feel sorry for as it's his baby too and he hasn't been involved at all πŸ˜• I do totally understand why they aren't allowed in but it doesn't make it any easier on him...a very strange and lonely time to be pregnant. We can't have a private scan as there is nowhere on the island so that isn't an option. The plan was to have a couple of private scans so we could take our other children to see too. I know this isn't overly important in the grand scheme of things but I'm also 150 miles from all my family and haven't seen them since Jan before I found out I was pregnant. Homeschooling 3 children whilst pregnant with a husband working from home is not fun lol but we are well so I'm not allowed to complain! Hope everyone is doing ok today, least they sun is out here πŸ™‚

OP posts:
EBM20 · 07/05/2020 09:50

@Troubledmummy3 I live in Southampton, there aren't many places doing private scans that are allowing partners in. The only place I can find that is allowing is heybaby. Somewhere to consider once your allowed over the water.

The hospital I attend for appointments aren't letting people use the lift unless necessary, I had to walk up 3 flights of stairs when I thought I was misscarying! Lucky everything was okay, just nervous for the next scan!

lockdownpregnancy · 07/05/2020 17:49

I have my 20 week scan on Monday and I've just had a phone call from the antenatal Ward telling me I must come alone. DH not allowed in the waiting room, let alone the scan, so the poor bloke will be stuck in the car waiting for me 😭 devastating but understandable!
I'm in the Midlands btw

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