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Wishful thinking or could it be a positive ?

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Msbrown2505 · 05/05/2020 20:55

Hello everyone! Im ttc and over the last week I’ve had (slight) symptoms such as very sore boobs and sore nipples, bad motion sickness when I rarely ever get carsick, bloating when I’m not eating much, itchy red skin (could be unrelated but still) and a sharp shooting pain in my belly and abdomen similar to period cramps, my period is due tomorrow and I think I’m just clinging to any kind of hope as I feel I’ve been getting negative test after negative test and I pray it’s a different outcome this time, there’s no point to this thread really other than me just hoping I get my positive and all the same to anyone else during this stressful time getting the bfp x

OP posts:
MrsZ19 · 05/05/2020 21:56

Hi I am going through the same thing I have been trying for two years with no luck had the same symptoms last week and my period didn’t come got really excited and stupid period started four days later really hope you are pregnant best of luck x

Harveybell · 06/05/2020 15:28


I had an itchy rash on my chest.. had suspected I was pregnant with my now two year old due to my mood and as I was really irregular I wasnt sure, but the rash (for some reason I don't know what!) made me do a test.. it was positive.

Good luck! We're about to try for number 2 so will also be good on tenterhooks soon I'm sure xx

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