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Is this lump diastasis recti?

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Natalie654321 · 05/05/2020 14:47

I have noticed that when I lean back there is a lump on my belly (I have attached a photo, the photo is my view of my belly, me looking down at my belly). I was wondering if this is diastasis recti? I have a baby that is 10 months old and am now 3 months pregnant with baby number 2. Thank you for any help.

Is this lump diastasis recti?
OP posts:
Williams3001 · 05/05/2020 17:25

Diastatis recti is normally a hollow in the middle of your stomach just below the ribs, where the abs have separated. It looks like a hernia to me. Have a check with your midwife; they're not normally a problem unless it's causing you pain.

Dopplebangerz · 05/05/2020 18:06

I had this. It was a hernia. Can you ‘poke’ it back in?

N12345625 · 05/05/2020 19:09

When I press it it goes in but then comes out again.
Do you know if it is dangerous to have a hernia in that position when pregnant? Thank you for your replies

Dopplebangerz · 05/05/2020 19:43

Yes that’s what mine did. It was pretty gross! Didn’t cause me any real issues but I opted to have it repaired after I’d had the baby(about 12 months after) as it was a bit uncomfortable. Not ‘dangerous’ unless it becomes stuck out(strangulated) but you’d know if that was the case. Ask your midwife at your next appointment, or your GP.
Congratulations on having crap stomach muscles!

N12345625 · 05/05/2020 21:20

Thank you for your reply! Ahh I didn't know my stomach muscles were so bad!!

Dopplebangerz · 06/05/2020 07:49

Neither did I. Babies ruin us!

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