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Pregnancy test

10 replies

brandyok1 · 04/05/2020 23:21

Hi ladies took a pregnancy test 8 days after intercourse and convinced im pregnant its got a very faint line buy is to early to tell? Could it just be an evap line ? i cant add a picture this is my first time using this my head is chocker 🙈

OP posts:
WeakAndWeary · 04/05/2020 23:24

Your head is what? Confused

orangeicecream · 04/05/2020 23:24

It means her head is full of thoughts

peachesandclean · 04/05/2020 23:24

it does sound very early i'm not sure that the test would be positive even if you were

anyway i'm not sure any one on here will be able to tell you anything worthwhile

AwkwardPaws27 · 04/05/2020 23:25

Couldn't you have posted this in the Pregnancy section?

user3274826 · 04/05/2020 23:27

8 days post intercourse is unusual to get a positive test, but it is possible with a very sensitive test. It would be extremely faint. Only reliable on a pink dye test not a blue. I got a positive at 8dpo with one of mine. Hope you get the answer you want!

Reluctantbettlynch · 04/05/2020 23:32

@AwkwardPaws27 don't be so bitchy. She clearly said she's a first time user ffs.

AwkwardPaws27 · 04/05/2020 23:40

I wasn't trying to be bitchy, but I can see how it came across that way. I'm sorry. It feels like everyone is pregnant except me at the moment.

MrsHC92 · 04/05/2020 23:46

@awkwardpaws27 if you haven't got anything nice to say why say anything just asking for some advice

CanofCant · 04/05/2020 23:49

Mrs She has already explained and apologised so wind your neck in.

Lockheart · 04/05/2020 23:50

No-one here can guess if you're pregnant or not. Wait until your period is due and then take a test if you miss it.

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