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Due 31st May and worried

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MummaR92 · 04/05/2020 19:47

So I’ve been calm and collective about labour up until recently. This is my 2nd baby so I have been through this before. But now My anxiety is full on kicking in. I’m worried my baby girl is going to be a big baby as her head circumference was 31cm at my 32 week scan so it’s only going to be bigger now. She was also weighing 4lb9oz at the time of the scan so she would be over 9lb at full term. I’m currently 36 weeks and due on 31st May so she still has all that time to get bigger. I’m going to speak to my midwife about my concerns but what I want to know is has anyone requested at growth scan at this time and managed to get one? I feel that would clarify what I’m going to be in for or whether I opt for an elective csection. TIA x

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Lemonysherbet · 05/05/2020 09:50

Hey op,

Im due 30th, had a scan at 34 weeks and was told baby is big, with a round belly. The consultant sent me for another gtt but it came back clear however they have booked me in for an induction on my due date. I spoke to my midwife and she said it wasn't a bad thing for the induction which helped me out. Im a ftm so everything was already quite overwhelming but I'm slowly getting my head round it now :)

No actual advice other than see if the midwife can help you.

Here if you need to chat

MummaR92 · 05/05/2020 11:07

@Lemonysherbet Thank you for that. I hope my midwife will be able to guide me! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and your induction 😁 x

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Lemonysherbet · 09/05/2020 00:42

Hey @MummaR92 how are you getting on?

MummaR92 · 10/05/2020 13:48

@Lemonysherbet hey sorry only just seen this 🤦‍♀️. I'm ok thank you just anxiety is getting to me now it's getting closer and closer to due day! How are you?

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Lemonysherbet · 10/05/2020 16:03

@MummaR92 no worries :) oh no, I felt like that a few weeks back but did a hypnobirthing course online and it seems to have chilled me out completely which is mad for me as I'm such a worrier . I'm doing well, minus the tiredness and aches, guess it's to be expected at this stage. Just can't wait to meet him;

MummaR92 · 10/05/2020 17:10

@Lemonysherbet I may have to look into something like that. I'm glad it worked for you 😁! I know all about the tiredness I cannot get through a day without napping at the moment! Aww I bet you can't! I can't wait to meet my little girl 💕

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