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Am I pregnant?

2 replies

hello99 · 03/05/2020 20:04

I have done a test this morning as I've been feeling pretty run down and as expected I'm pregnant.
I'm 23 and terrified, fell pregnant when I was 18 with the same partner (we are the same age) and due to us both starting uni we decided we weren't ready, this was a really traumatic experience for myself especially due to my partner being young and not being able to support me in ways he should have.
I've been on the pill but have fallen pregnant again due to me taking it intermittently when we went through a rough patch a month ago. We are good again and have been together for 3 years however I'm petrified my partner will walk away when he finds out because I'm not sure I can go through an abortion again. Really don't know what to do.
Any advice would be much appreciated x

OP posts:
SummerOfLove2018 · 03/05/2020 22:13

Didn’t want to read and run. Just to say that take some deep breaths and it’ll all be ok. You need to let him know and tell him how you feel. It doesn’t have to be a snap decision, you both have time to talk it through. Ultimately it is your body and your decision as to whether or not you want to continue the pregnancy. Do you have any close friends or relatives you can talk to? I know it can be scary but getting the advice of someone you trust will be a big weight off your mind and they will be a support for you with whatever decision you make.

zscaler · 03/05/2020 22:15

One way or another OP, everything will work our in the end.

It might help you to decide in advance if you want to keep the baby, even if it means going it alone without your partner. That will help you discuss it with him. If he isn’t interested that’s his loss. He will still have to pay child maintenance.

Do you have a supportive family who will help you? If so that makes a big difference.

And remember - if you do decide to terminate you will be doing nothing wrong and have nothing to feel guilty about. It’s ok to make the right decision for you, whatever that is.

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