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CursesAndMagic · 02/05/2020 10:58

I’m finding out gender in envelope later but I can not wait. What does this look like to you?? I’ll post later if your answers were correct.

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Kendrick12 · 02/05/2020 11:06

I'd say girl but I'm no expert! Congratulations! :-) xxx

Foxd0g · 02/05/2020 11:07

Girl, just because it looks quite different to my boy's scan!

Birdy1991 · 02/05/2020 13:02

I would say girl, looks similar to my scan which is also a girl Smile

CursesAndMagic · 02/05/2020 13:34

It’s a girl!! Was hoping for boy but it’s a blessing either way.

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