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Im unsure if i have had a miscarriage at 6 weeks? Covid-19 is preventing much help :(

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Tmos · 02/05/2020 10:50

I am 6 weeks pregnant and have had period type pains for the last 4 weeks. A couple of days ago, i had period pains that where a little worse (still able to do normal things) and then when i went for a wee, and wiped the tissue as covered in bright red blood, after the wipe, i had no more blood until about 15 minutes later, the same (but a little less) was a dark brown blood. I had 3 spots of blood over night and no more blood.
I phoned the doctor who said to just wait until i see my midwife which is in 2 weeks (for blood tests) and because of COVID-19 they won't see me earlier or send me for an early scan.
I am getting anxious an upset because i am really unsure if i have had a miscarriage or not. I still how swollen and sore breasts, light period pains and feel a little sick and light headed, but could convince myself i feel a lot LESS pregnant than i did a couple of days ago. This would be my first baby.
Can any one help? Is this enough blood to assume a miscarriage ? Thank you

OP posts:
RunnerGirl123 · 02/05/2020 11:03

I'm so sorry you're going through this. It could go either way. Cramps at this stage can be completely normal, as everything is stretching. For some, bleeding in pregnancy can mean nothing is wrong and for others it can be a sign of miscarriage. At 6 weeks, a scan may not show a heartbeat, so you may not definitely get an answer, and it may be better to wait a week or so if you can.
If your pains become unbearable or you start bleeding heavily I would suggest calling 111 or going to A&E. It may also be worth checking if your EPU is open and allow walk-ins, however they are restricting early scans and check ups due to coronavirus at the moment, so may not be able to help much unless your symptoms worsen.
If there's still only a little bleeding next week, contact your GP again as they may choose to refer you to EPU to get checked out sooner. In my second pregnancy, I started spotting at 6 weeks and rang my GP who asked me to wait and see, within a week it turned to bleeding and they got me in for a scan the next day, so they may just be seeing if it is a one off.

lockdownlowdown · 02/05/2020 11:07

I had the same at 6 weeks. I rang early pregnancy and they wouldn't see me either but they did send me to the local medical centre for bloods. I had two sets done to see if levels were rising which they were. I'm nearly 10 weeks now. Ring them back or your gp and ask for bloods.

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