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Scans during the virus is it safe

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maria860 · 01/05/2020 21:01

Baby scan during the virus. I have my twenty week scan worried about picking up covid at the hospital but I know how important it is to attend.
How did you feel and what's the chance of catching it ? Scared of going out after staying in for so long.

OP posts:
dementedpixie · 01/05/2020 21:05

I would imagine covid and non covid patients are kept in separate areas. I assume PPE will be used too

Darkstar4855 · 01/05/2020 21:12

The benefits of the scan outweigh the risk of contracting covid, otherwise they would not be offering them. Use the alcohol gel at the hospital, avoid touching your face and wash your hands as soon as you get home.

bogoblin · 01/05/2020 21:16

I have mine next week and I'm quite happy to go. I'll take my hand gel and try not to touch anything. I think the chances are quite low - covid patients won't be near antenatal or ultrasound

Quitthat · 01/05/2020 21:17

They were all fully masked and gloved etc this week. No standing near the desk to clock in, no seats near other women in waiting room, hardly anybody around... it was wonderfully reassuring! They had strict rules in place, and everybody was following.

I'd be more worried about missing a scan. They really are doing very well to cover all risks possible. Try not to worry :)

MrsSkr · 01/05/2020 21:28

I have mydvan next week but was at hospital this week for bloods and was really reassuring. As soon as I entered the hospital I was given hand gel and a face mask that must be worn. All staff were also wearing them and strict distancing measures (although I didnt need to worry about that as it was really quiet) I touched as little as possible and as soon as I hit home I changed and washed hands thoroughly and felt fine. You'll be absolutely fine xxx

Sockio · 01/05/2020 21:33

I went to my 12 week scan a few weeks ago and my hospital was very quiet! Certain parts of the hospital were closed off or red-zoned, and thankfully the maternity unit was in the green zone. The nurses washed their hands before and after everything they did to me. I even washed my hands many times. The seating area was very quiet and the chairs had been moved to 6 metres away from each other, and there was glass partitions at every reception.

Prior to the appointment, I wasn't very concerned about coming into contact with other people, but I left feeling that if I was concerned, then they would have been squashed after that appointment. I felt very safe.

UrsulaSings · 01/05/2020 21:47

Blimey everyone elses hospitals sound like they were following good guidelines. When I had my scan hardly any of the nurses were wearing masks, everyone was walking near each other when walking past, and the seats were a meter apart at best. However I wore my own mask, took alcohol gel with me, and stayed away from everyone as best I could. Scans are too important to miss.

maria860 · 01/05/2020 22:24

Thanks guys seems reassuring that their doing all they can to lower the risks for us. I know my friend went and was asked to remove her mask a few weeks ago she wasn't happy about it as they said it was useless I'm going to the same hospital so fully expecting them to ban the mask but will just wash my hands etc

OP posts:
sel2223 · 01/05/2020 22:39

I've had 2 scans since lockdown and have had a really positive experience both times. The hospital was really quiet with appointments running to schedule so in and out quickly both times, hand sanitizer available and encouraged, a barrier making sure you st and back from the desk, social distancing in the waiting area and the sonographer in PPE.
Oh, and the free parking next to the hospital was an unexpected bonus!

justkeeprunning5 · 01/05/2020 22:43

I’ve had 2 since the lock down and both have been good experiences. They are utilising different entrances to keep patients separate, asking people about symptoms on attending (& in advance by phone I’ve found), have sanitiser for people to use on arrival and those doing the scanning wear masks. They have also cut down any unnecessary visits to maternity services to minimise the amount of people in the waiting room.

I would imagine it’s safer now than just before the lock down as pregnant women have been advised to stay in for so long now they shouldn’t have come into contact with many people at all in weeks. I’d say the benefits of attending outweigh any risks.

All the best for your appointment

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