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Ultrasound gender errors?!

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Wellh · 30/04/2020 22:35

Hi, I added a thread a few days ago, but got it taken down as my name was visible on the scan photo!

We went for a scan at 17 weeks and told GIRL💗 then at my Nhs 20 week scan we got told BOY💙 I've attached photos of both scans, girl one is a potty shot, boy one is from the side, you can see spine, winkle bit and a leg. Problem is, google has caused me to bow doubt if it's a boy or a girl or whatever 😂 I don't know what to believe!

Just wondered if anyone had any suggestions or had similar happen to them and the outcome on D Day!

Thanks xx

Ultrasound gender errors?!
Ultrasound gender errors?!
OP posts:
sel2223 · 30/04/2020 22:50

I think I commented on your first thread but can't remember....any way, it definitely looks like a boy to me.

It's far more common for them to say girl and it turn out to be a boy where the genitals were hidden than vice versa.
Boy bits are pretty unmistakable once seen clearly.

Wellh · 30/04/2020 22:54

@sel2223 thank you, I think you may have!

I was totally fine about it at first but when hubby said imagine if when it's born it's actually a girl, I started doubting the whole thing and thought about the waste of time and money buying things for the wrong gender 😂🙈 x

OP posts:
sel2223 · 01/05/2020 00:23

@Wellh ah I can only imagine, it must be so frustrating! I wouldn't want to go overboard buying boys stuff if it was me either, there'd always be that little seed of doubt.

My friend was told girl at 3 different and had everything pink then gave birth to a perfect little boy!! Luckily most things could be exchanged and lots of people helped out but it was a massive shock for them.

It's much more common that way round.

sel2223 · 01/05/2020 00:24

*3 different scans

Madwife123 · 01/05/2020 00:54

I think the girl pic looks like a boy also. If you had a private gender scan they will usually rescan for free if the NHS scan disagrees, worth asking x

Happythoughts123 · 01/05/2020 07:54

Hi I hope you don’t mind me jumping on your thread....I have been told girl at 18weel gender scan and 20 week Nhs scan, but I have a massive seed of doubt. Do you think this looks clearly like a girl?

Ultrasound gender errors?!
Roselilly36 · 01/05/2020 08:06

I know someone who was told she was having a boy, went for a private scan, said it’s a girl, and she was.

With my two, I was told they were boys and they were right.

Newmummyxx · 01/05/2020 09:12

Just like @Madwife123 said above regarding if it was an early private scan. I noticed a review on a private scans social media page saying they had been told a different sex at a nhs scan and the clinic replied saying they would rescan.

ReturnofSaturn · 01/05/2020 09:24

Well I would think the 20 week scan is more likely to be correct. So I would assume boy.

Wellh · 01/05/2020 09:30

@Madwife123 @Roselilly36 @Newmummyxx @ReturnofSaturn thank you all, I probably am swaying with a boy, as I'm further along and nhs scan probably is more detailed. I just can't shake the feeling of thinking it's one and it be the other 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

OP posts:
MamaJ8 · 12/03/2021 17:25

Starting to realise that this happens quite often!

I was told girl at a 15 week scan, yet not one of the many images I caught on the video clips looks girly to me... I have my anatomy scan in 3 weeks but I'm not totally convinced I'm carrying a girl...

I compared some of my images to other ladies confirmed boy's... What do you think?

Ultrasound gender errors?!
Ultrasound gender errors?!
Ultrasound gender errors?!
Crazycatlady83 · 12/03/2021 18:08

I think the second picture of yours looks like a girl (don’t they describe it as 3 lines if it’s a girl)

But 15 weeks seems very early to have the sex confirmed, I thought privately it isn’t until 16 weeks?!

I’ve heard it’s more common to mistake girls for boys, than boys for girls. I hated the not knowing (and would have got a private scan if my DH would have let me Smile) so good luck for your 20 week scan!

Jchina · 12/03/2021 20:16

@MamaJ8 on the whole you can trust the sonographer, they will have taken a range of images into account before they call it. Obviously there are the occasional mistakes or babies that fool everyone.

@Crazycatlady83 actually at earlier gestations they tend to overpredict boys because the gender tubicle can look similar and then after 20 weeks you’re right more likely the other way. With my second son they couldn’t see his penis at all at 20 weeks but we knew he was a boy through NIPT! 😂

MamaJ8 · 12/03/2021 22:51

Hi, thanks for the reply.. Boys also image as lines, it's the way that the ultrasound takes cross sections and bounces back the image..
In the 2nd picture, my baby is the top and a confirmed boy at the bottom, same gestation.

Also, one of the worst scans.. suppose to be a gender scan she took more time chasing baby for a well being check. She based baby being a girl solely on a side view of what she said is a nub..

She never once showed me female parts, so I asked her for a potty shot which she was unable to do! Baby was frantically moving around the entirw scan so how she saw much I do not know... hence my doubt, as she never actually took a range of images. The picture she gave me were not great either all the images I have are from super slowing the videos down.

Left feeling rather annoyed, she rushed the scan and showed me no proof of babies actual genitals. I have 4 children and this was one of the worst scans.. plus I paid for it!

Will show you another screen shot that I got..
I see cord on the left and genitalia on the right, almost like the cord is nudging the babys 'bits' to the side!

Ultrasound gender errors?!
Jchina · 13/03/2021 08:11

I just replied to your other post, and I can see what you mean from this image. It may just be worth waiting until 20 weeks for a clearer answer as by then there should be much less room for doubt!

EvilOnion · 13/03/2021 08:24

If you really need to know beforehand then speak to the private company - many will redo a scan of the NHS disagree with the sex.

It seems to be quite common now with people getting extra scans done throughout pregnancy at different places and it's not always a straightforward process I suppose.

My niece was supposed to be a nephew and my friend had a boy when she was told girl. Our Trust has a "don't ask because we don't tell policy" so we just winged it and found out at birth to save the hassle!

We just bought nice, bright colourful stuff that can be used for either sex rather than sticking to boy/girl sections so you can still be organised :)

MamaJ8 · 13/03/2021 10:13

I have my NHS scan in 3 weeks, other half was not allowed to attend my dating scan nor did they allow me to record it. I partly went for the 15 week gender scan because it was a way to involve him because you get multiple video clips of the scan. I read that it is possible to see at 15 weeks so thought why not. Just a shame I got a pissed off Tech...

MamaJ8 · 13/03/2021 10:18

I know.. I should patiently wait.. but I can't seem to relax! Had I not had an awful Tech, and the video that I was able to obtain more images from.. that seem to look like a boy and not a girl.. then I wouldn't be like this! I think pregnancy has made me anxious.. plus hate that I paid for confirmation (I know it's not 100%) but this baby does not look like a girl to me... so it's messing with my emotions..

I can't explain it.. I kinda feel robbed from that scan because of the quarter-arsed approach.. she dug the scanner hard into my stomach.. maybe she thought she could hold baby down from moving so fast!!! I just know that I would never allow her to scan me again...

MamaJ8 · 13/03/2021 15:41

@EvilOnion Iv'e emailed them today asking for a re scan. I was going to leave it until my 20 week scan and if I was told the opposite sex then call them. But, as it's on my mind alot, I emailed them today instead... Smile

EvilOnion · 13/03/2021 15:45

Fingers crossed they give you another scan and don't be scared to tell the sonographer if they're being too rough!

MamaJ8 · 13/03/2021 15:52

@Evilonion, Thanks, me too... it should put my mind as ease at least..

MamaJ8 · 16/03/2021 06:45

@EvilOnion, Hi, just to update... They have offered a re scan specifically to confirm the sex. I will attend a different location as I don't want the same sonographer. Just waiting on an appointment x

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