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Blood Pressure - Multiple pregnancy - Possible Pre eclampsia

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Helena112 · 30/04/2020 21:22

Thank you for reading !!

I'm currently 30 weeks pregnant with triplets ! Unfortunately we lost one baby at 27 weeks, so are now expecting Twins, we are scheduled for our C section in 13 days.

My HUGE CONCERN now is my high blood pressure, I did mention this to my midwife on Wednesday but feel it was brushed aside.

At the start of my pregnancy my blood pressure was 118/71

But on Wednesday it was 133/87 and slight Protein was detected in my urine.

I've got a cheap Aldi blood pressure machine at home (it's probably not accurate!) but today I've had readings of 130/104 and 134/94.

The midwife told me only to go to hospital if I had flashing lights, headaches or pain - I'm having none of those. But I am extremely worried!!

Any advice ? Should I phone my GP in the morning and ask to have it checked ?!

This pregnancy has been nothing but worry!!!

OP posts:
Dyra · 30/04/2020 21:31

IMO yes if you're that worried.

Anecdotally, I never had any headaches, flashing lights, pain or any of the other symptoms. Just the blood pressure and protein. Yet I had pre-eclampsia all the same. If my midwife hadn't sent off the bloods 'just to be on the safe side' who knows when it would have been picked up.

Helena112 · 30/04/2020 21:44

@Dyra thank you. I will phone the GP tomorrow morning 👍🏻 x

OP posts:
TenThousandSpoons0 · 01/05/2020 03:05

The midwife is wrong and shouldn’t dismiss your concerns, they are genuine and justified. I am sorry for your recent loss.

Honestly, a triplet pregnancy where you already have lost one baby, they should be dropping everything to try to reassure you at every step of the way. Your pregnancy is high risk, and your home blood pressure readings are above the cutoff for diagnosis of high blood pressure (140/90 - nb earlier in the week it was below cutoff so ok that the midwife didn’t do much). You’re right the Aldi cuff may be wrong but it needs to be checked by a doctor/midwife. You need a reassessment plus repeat urine test and blood tests if your blood pressure is over 140/90 on recheck. Call them back overnight if you feel unwell, otherwise make sure someone checks you out tomorrow.
It may be that it’s just mildly raised blood pressure and not pre eclampsia, or that your blood pressure is actually ok- hope so! Even if it is high it doesn’t necessarily mean the babies will need to come any earlier than planned.

It sounds like there’s a lot going on for you with this pregnancy and it must have been very stressful so far. If you’re feeling very nervous about having high blood pressure then that can drive the reading up a little bit too - so when you do take it, try to make it at a time when you’re feeling calm and relaxed, perhaps with a cup of tea and your feet up!

Hope all pans out well x

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