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Big baby

10 replies

Qwerty1984 · 29/04/2020 19:32

Hi all, I am 39 weeks pregnant today with my first baby. My due date is May 6. At 35 weeks I had a growth scan and the baby was already weighing in at 6lb 12 oz. My husband and I were not particularly big babies. I am 5 ft 3 and was a size 12 before pregnancy. The doctor has recommended an induction on the 1st May due to the size of the baby. I am so confused as to whether I should go ahead with this or let nature take its course. I was hoping for a very natural birth but I am scared of delivering a big baby. I am really confused and looking for advise on whether I should go for an induction sooner rather than waiting for labour to naturally induce in a week or so.

OP posts:
Prontoe · 29/04/2020 19:37

Are you eating a lot of fatty or sweet things? I was told to curb my diet as they thought I'd end up with gestational diabetes. I completely eliminated anything fatty or sugary. She was born 10 days early, but only weighed a tiny 6lbs. Maybe watch your diet?

Mylittlepony374 · 29/04/2020 19:44

My first baby they told me was 11pound based on scans. Scared me into an induction. She was born at 39 weeks on the dot weighing 7 pounds something. (bad mum, can't remember exact weight).
My second baby weighed nearly 6 pound when he arrived early by surprise at 34 weeks- loads of scans, no one picked up that he was (and still is) a little tank.
I'm not sure of accuracy/ margin of error of scan measurements but I'd ask. And I'd ask the consultant/ midwife to talk you through risk of induction vs. risk of waiting for natural labour before you make decision.

Mylittlepony374 · 29/04/2020 19:47

Also, NICE have guidelines on induction of labour that may be worth reading

theginge · 29/04/2020 19:48

I was in exactly the same position as you a 3 weeks ago (I'm also 5"3 and a size 10/12). At 34 weeks it was estimated baby weighed 6lb 2oz. I was booked to be induced at 39 weeks. Thankfully I was already 4cm dilated so only needed my waters to be broken. He was born 3 hours later weighing 10lb 11oz (!!). His shoulders got stuck in my pelvis so he had to be pulled and pushed a bit to get him out. I obviously can't answer your question about a full induction but I did still have a mostly positive birth experience and only gas and air. I'm now 2 weeks post birth and feel like I'm on the way to healing! Good luck!

theginge · 29/04/2020 19:51

Also, I asked what the tolerance was on a growth scan which the midwife said was around 15% either way. For me, it was pretty spot on but it doesn't seem to be the case for everyone.

TheMostHappy · 29/04/2020 20:38

I've had two larger babies. First I was induced because of his size, and the induction completely failed - no contractions no dilation so I ended up having a c-section. He was 10lb on the nose at 40+2. Second Ds I hoped for a vbac until growth scans showed he was another whopper so we scheduled a c-sec and he was born 38+6 9lb 11oz. Lucky really as my uterus was paper thin and would likely have ruptured at c-sec scar during a labour. I realise you hadn't asked for that much info though!Smile

mouse1234567 · 29/04/2020 21:01

Hi I have no experience of this but am watching with interest. My babies belly is on 97th percentile at 32 week scan and estimated 5 pounds already. I was tested for gestational diabetes but apparently I don’t have it. Scared about how big he will be at my next scan at 36 weeks. My hospital says it usually won’t induce early for only a big baby (the would induce early if you had big baby and gestational diabetes Tho). Good luck.

India999 · 29/04/2020 21:05

I was pressured into and induction and wish I hadn't gone for it. However, you NEED to listen to what your doctors say is best for you and the baby. All my growth scans were spot on.

EastMidsMumOf1 · 30/04/2020 13:36

With it being your first I would follow advice of the hospital.
You dont know how your body would handle labour with a normal size baby so I wouldn't take any chances either way tbh.
FWIW my 1st was 7lb 1oz, horrific back to back labour 16hrs+ and ended up with forceps.
2nd baby was a hefty 10lb 4oz (unnoticed in MW appointments so had no idea) nice and quick 5 hour labour with just a TENS machine and gas+air, out the hospital a few hours later - did have a 3rd degree tear but the healing time was quicker than when I had an episiotomy the first time round.

ArchbishopOfBanterbury · 30/04/2020 13:57

Growth scans are notoriously unreliable, and small babies don't mean easy births or vice versa.

It's your choice.

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