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Maternity ward visiting hours

20 replies

WitchitaMickey · 29/04/2020 17:00

I've got my c-section next week and the hospital have just told me that they've changed the visiting hours for partners down to 2pm-6pm. I understand why obviously at the moment but am now panicking a bit - this is my 2nd section and with my last, partners weren't allowed overnight but could be on the ward 9am-9pm and my DH helped a lot with everything as I was quite immobile! The midwives were not helpful at all, particularly overnight and would ignore the buzzer because they were too busy. One of them was really rude when I asked her to help me pick DS up and rolled her eyes/tutted. I found it very stressful not being able to get out of bed to pick my baby up when he was crying and the relief I felt in the morning when DH turned up to help was immense! I pretty much spent the whole night awake worried and was completely exhausted when I got home.

Anyway I told myself this time I'll be a lot stronger mentally as I know what I'm doing (sort of!) but the news today of new visiting hours has thrown me a bit Sad I knew they'd been shortened down but not to only 4 hours in the afternoon.

Just wondered what the visiting hours are like at the moment at other hospitals? Did anyone find the midwives were more willing to help? I'm trying to be positive!

OP posts:
Ers77 · 29/04/2020 17:03

No visitors on the ward at all at my hospital. I'm having a section next week, so am hoping for helpful midwives.

FoxtrotSkarloey · 29/04/2020 17:07

No visitors whatsoever except partners for one hour after the birth in my hospital.

I'm not due until late summer, and had a similar experience last time to what you've described. I'm also hoping to be a bit more mentally prepared and tough this time. Frankly though, for those first 12 hours when I won't be able to move at all, they'll have to help and I'll have to buzz more. Not going through the same unpleasantness I did last time suffering in silence.

Mj2196 · 29/04/2020 17:21

2 hours after birth . Not aloud on the postnatal ward at all once your moved there

Liveforholidays · 29/04/2020 17:54

I'd take those allowed visiting hours. No visitors allowed at all in my hospital at the moment apart from during active labour. Not great when you are being induced and then expecting to have to stay in for longer afterwards. 😒

Babyiwantabump · 29/04/2020 17:55

No visitors allowed at all on the postnatal ward here

ChipsAreLife · 29/04/2020 17:57

No visitors here either.

WitchitaMickey · 29/04/2020 17:57

Ok, sounds like I don't have it so bad after all. We do have a very low rate of Corona here in comparison to other parts of the UK though so maybe our hospital is more relaxed for that reason. I'm really sorry to hear others have it much worse.

OP posts:
HeyDuggeewhatchadoin · 29/04/2020 18:01

Get mobile as soon as you can. I think it's 6 hours after a caesarean, so as your surgery will likely be in the morning, you can be seeing to the baby yourself by the evening.

HappyGirl86 · 29/04/2020 18:01

I'm having a section next week and no visitors allowed on our ward at all.
I'm nervous about not having the help but I've been reassured the staff will help.

UnicornRainbow83 · 29/04/2020 18:19

We're only allowed a birthing partner when established, No visitors on the postnatal ward.

Piemash · 29/04/2020 18:21

Not sure if it is the same everywhere, but my friend had her baby last week, and said that because they are doing so many apps on the phones there are more midwives on the wards. They are still busy obviously, but she felt that she got the support she needed, and she was really apprehensive going in as had a bad experience with her first and not getting any help.

turnthebiglightoff · 29/04/2020 18:29

"Get mobile as soon as you can". GrinConfused ok then, because of course that's how easy it is.

Bienentrinkwasser · 29/04/2020 18:37

"Get mobile as soon as you can". grinconfused ok then, because of course that's how easy it is.

It was for me to be fair. Long labour, emergency section. Up by 6 hours. Cared for baby independently overnight. It’s certainly worth trying to be mobile.

WitchitaMickey · 29/04/2020 18:40

They did say they'll try to get me moving 6 hours after, which I'm hoping will be ok! They did the same last time though and it made me really sick and dizzy - I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I feel a bit more with it this time! Catheter will stay in till next morning so won't be very easy to move about anyway but I guess at least I won't have to hobble to the toilet.

I did say to a midwife today I guess you'll have more staff on the ward then and she said no Hmm some of the ones I had last time were lovely and helpful though so hoping I'll get more like those this time.

OP posts:
Needingsupportplease · 29/04/2020 18:40

It is rubbish especially when the midwives/nurses say they'll help and don't just makes you feel so worthless and vulnerable it gave me pnd with a poorly baby and no help (dh was with me but working too so he didnt waste paternity whilst me and baby was stuck at hosp) hope everything goes well for you and you have your support system around you asap x

FoxtrotSkarloey · 29/04/2020 19:22

Fingers crossed for the six hours threshold. My hospital wouldn't even try and get you up until the following morning as standard, regardless of how you felt. Let's hope things have changed now they don't want people hanging around. Now I've got a target to aim for Grin

waspfig · 29/04/2020 19:25

I'm sorry you're going through this. I had a similar experience the first time round to that which you describe. I couldn't get up and about as I was still throwing up from the anaesthetic after 12 hours.

The second time I had a c section I asked for anti-emetics and more painkillers and I was able to get out of bed after around 6 hours.

Talk to your theatre team when you see them before the op and hopefully they will be able to help you out with that.

HeyDuggeewhatchadoin · 29/04/2020 21:04

@turnthebiglightoff if I could do it, both after an emergency caesarean and an elective caesarean fewer than 18 months later, then most women can.

AAkim · 30/04/2020 14:23

Speak to the anaesthetist about feeling dizzy and unwell after your last section. They may be able to give you more fluids or medicines to help.

WitchitaMickey · 30/04/2020 21:56

Thank you waspfig and AAkim I will mention it to them. The midwife last time said it was probably the oramorph so I will try and avoid that this time if possible. Feeling a bit more positive about it today, trying to get my brain organised and make sure I'll have everything I'll need with me on the day and within reach!

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