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Maternity bras?!

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LOALM · 29/04/2020 14:08

Does anyone have any tips of where to buy decent maternity bras during lockdown? I am large chested and struggle to find decent bras at the best of times - I tried some online bra retailers a few years ago and wasn't impressed so I've always stuck to Debenhams since then, but I need to be measured ideally! Any help or pointers wod be really appreciated. Thanks!

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MRSSGS · 29/04/2020 16:23

I've just done an order from H&M. Heard Lots of good reviews about them xx

Nfblues · 29/04/2020 16:41

I found my bra size is fluctuating a lot during pregnancy and will probably do so even more after birth. Because of this I decided not to spend too much money and got some nursing bras from Asda (I think something like £15 for a pack of 2) and tbh they’ve been brilliant. I was a DD and they are supportive enough to wear out but very comfy and stretchy. I’d recommend for a cheap option until you find some you agree with Smile

Hatscats · 29/04/2020 16:58

I’m a 34F normally, but seem to be growing all the time, old bras no longer fit, but I don’t want to buy some and out grow, so I’ve bought some crop top type ones from amazon, 3 for £15. I’m impressed for the money!

Superscientist · 29/04/2020 17:39

I've switched to bralets for now (25 weeks) they offer a bit more flexibility in size.
Sports bras offer the same - I still fit into my prepregnancy sports bra but not my regular ones. It's just a shame it shows through some of my tshirts because it's really comfy - it is my no video calls day bra!
I'm hoping by the time the bralets don't fit I can get to a store - a treat for me as prepregnancy my back size was too small for most shops so have had to order online.

LOALM · 29/04/2020 18:06

Ah some great suggestions, thanks everyone! I'm only 10 weeks at the moment but I'm definitely bigger chested already and getting a bit uncomfortable. Have never considered bralets before because of my size (34F) and general negative experiences in finding bras that a) fit, b) are comfortable and c) don't look hideous - but I might take a punt! No better time than the present when I can't go out, eh! Grin

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