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C section, 9 weeks time, no family close...

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em90792 · 28/04/2020 18:22

So I have approx 9 weeks till this one arrives, via c-section... is anyone else in the same boat?
Realistically, watching news etc I dont know if childcare/schools settings will open before then and want to pre plan incase they arnt.
What are people doing who dont have family close by etc who will have children already at home? Are you planning on using someone or leaving partner at home and undergoing the op alone?
I know I might be fine but I'm very much a need to have covered all circumstances kind of person! I dont want to be panicking about this 3 weeks before the date etc...

OP posts:
Mummyspider27 · 28/04/2020 18:40

Could a friend or family self isolate for 2 weeks before so they can come and look after your children? X

gonewiththerain · 28/04/2020 18:50

I will be having a c section in August and if restrictions aren’t lifted my plan is to isolate myself and the toddler away from dp who is still working. Easy enough as house is big enough with two of everything. Then leave toddler with grandparents, have c section with dp there, collect toddler and back home.

MonaLisaDoesntSmile · 28/04/2020 19:29

Not a c-section, but partner will stay at home to take care of my DD when I go into labour, scary, but I saw to ladies today admitted on their own and you will have midwives around etc, so I kind of made my peace with it already.

em90792 · 28/04/2020 20:02

I'm just not sure I could do a c-section without my partner there. We have a childminder, who is also a close family friend who has said she could come and watch the children (as a friend, not charged) but wasnt sure what the rules are on this. We have all been isolating, and will continue to do so especially when we get close to the time. As has she. X

OP posts:
RyvitaBrevis · 28/04/2020 20:32

Someone to look after your children while you're giving birth surely would count as essential, since your partner will be busy assisting a vulnerable person (you). Lots of people will have to rely on family or friends to look after their other children, and there's no way around it for single mothers anyway. I'm glad you've got a friend who has volunteered to help who has been self isolating. x

Umnoway · 28/04/2020 20:58

My Mum is coming to look after my DC. She isn’t elderly by any means and will self isolate for 2 weeks before travelling here.

RenegadeMrs · 28/04/2020 21:10

I am booked in for a section in 9 weeks too. I have the same plan as Umnoway.

Travel and switching households is allowed for looking after vulnerable people, which your existing children will be. You can't just leave them alone (assuming they are young!) and you shouldn't have to give birth without your partner unless you feel that is the right thing for you/your situation. I think your childminder friend would be fine if she is the best option.

Delbelleber · 28/04/2020 21:22

Im having a section in 3 weeks time. I'm not on good terms with the babies dad, he wants to be there at the birth but I think I'd rather do it alone.

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