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Is this normal?

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TeaAndBiscuits666 · 28/04/2020 00:23

Just wondering if the following is normal in other people's experience?

I'm currently 32 weeks pregnant with DC2. When I had DC1 everything was quite straight forward and I didn't feel much pain or discomfort (just felt very large).

This time I'm struggling with my back / hips etc. I've mentioned it to my midwife but she was quite dismissive.

I'm off work at the moment so am able to rest more and move less than usual. Today's activities were as follows:

  • hospital appointment, so 5 minute waddle from car to hospital and back again.
  • approx 30-40 minutes stood in the kitchen (loading dishwasher, folding washing, making dinner).
    The rest of the day I was mainly sitting down, or only stood for a couple of minutes at a time (making a brew etc).

    So, it really hasn't been a strenuous day, by any stretch of the imagination. But by the time I was serving dinner I was really really sore. Back aching, hips aching, and crotch area feeling really heavy and uncomfortable (if that makes sense 🤷‍♀️). To the point where I didn't really want dinner, I just wanted to go and lie down with my giant pillow.

    Surely at 32 weeks I should be able to do more than I am doing without it hurting so much that I want to stop and lie down?

    I also tend to struggle with things like rolling over in bed, or getting up after sitting or lying down. It takes me a while to stand up straight too. When I walk it is definitely a shuffle waddle, and lifting my legs to step over things is quite difficult.

    Which of the following is it....

    a) - that's just normal pregnancy, stop moaning and get on with it.

    b) - that's not normal, you should be able to move / stand more than that at this stage.
OP posts:
CoolNoMore · 28/04/2020 04:17

I'm definitely more waddly much earlier this time round. I suggest this for almost every physical problem that pops up, but have you tried yoga? Works wonders for me. To answer your question, I'd suspect it's normal enough, but something that you might be able to do something about. Here's hoping!

TenThousandSpoons0 · 28/04/2020 06:57

Normal, try pregnancy yoga or Pilates, physiotherapy, and a support belt or pregnancy leggings.

BikeRunSki · 28/04/2020 07:02

Normal, not nice, but normal

userabcname · 28/04/2020 07:20

Yeah this was me in both my pregnancies. I think you were just lucky the first time!

TeaAndBiscuits666 · 28/04/2020 11:12

Thanks everyone. I had hoped to go to aqua-natal classes, which I think would have helped, but obviously they're all cancelled at the moment and unlikely to restart before birth.

Those recommending yoga - I like the idea but I've never tried it. Obviously I can't go to a class at the moment. I'm guessing there will be videos on YouTube etc; is it something that I can try and learn by myself at home, or am I likely to do it wrong and injure myself or baby?

Overall, should I be pushing myself to move more (to improve muscles?), or listening to my body and stopping as soon as I get uncomfortable.

I really don't want to spend the next 2 months on the sofa like a lazy blob.

OP posts:
KnobwithaK · 28/04/2020 12:23

Could it actually be the lack of activity that's making it worse? I'm not suggesting you get to they gym or anything, but a little bit more walking (it's fine to go out a few times a day for 10 mins at a time if that's best for your health), making sure you move around every half hour or so etc might loosen up the joints? And yes to pregnancy yoga - my class has moved to zoom which I do from home.

CleverQuacks · 28/04/2020 12:29

I am 21 weeks pregnant with my fourth child and have this already. My midwife suggested doing exercise little and often. Spending a long time sat in one place actually makes it worse. Do you have a pregnancy ball? Like one of those big balls they have in the gym. They are good for gentle bouncing or rocking your hips.

TeaAndBiscuits666 · 28/04/2020 12:45

That's what I'm starting to suspect @KnobwithaK it's too tempting to sit all day now that I'm working from home. Think I'll start building myself back up to a normal level of activity and hope that helps.

Need to find a good time to try the yoga, I know DD will find it hysterical if I attempt it while she is still awake.

OP posts:
ChokkaBlock · 28/04/2020 12:46

Yes normal! I saw a woman's health physio after my first and she said to work on my pelvic floor because should I have a second, and I didn't work on it, I will struggle during the later stages of pregnancy. You're getting bigger and it's putting a strain on your body and the hormones will be making everything looser and more achey. Try and do a little pilates or yoga but I agree, aquanatal would be perfect for this! Hope you feel better soon.

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