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Mamas and papas Ocarro Pram

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teaandtantrums90 · 19/04/2020 18:20

Hi everyone!

Just looking online at prams and I've completely fell in love with the Ocarro. Just wondering if anyone has it or has had it what your opinions are?

Thank you xx

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Stinkyjellycat · 19/04/2020 18:28

I had it and hated it. It’s really, really heavy and I struggled getting it into the boot of the car. I’d go for a lightweight one if I had my time again.

Blueroses99 · 19/04/2020 18:29

Absolutely love my Ocarro! It’s sturdy but easy to manoeuvre, well padded for comfy baby, massive basket, can be folded one handed (even with baby in sling!). Versatile as it’s slim enough for buses or shop aisles but with all terrain wheels it can go anywhere. It’s grown with DC really well through the different stages. The raincover has a zip so you don’t need to take the whole cover off to get baby in and out. The only minor niggle (and it’s very minor!) is that the back wheels are slightly wider than the front so I think I’ll fit in a tight space and then have to reverse out. No regrets here!

excitednerves · 19/04/2020 18:29

I have the flip xt3 which is a smaller lighter version and I love it. The ocarro is lovely but I needed something that folded down smaller.

As a brand I’ve been super happy with M&P so far. 9 months in and it’s taken everything I’ve thrown at it and still looks brand new.

Nfblues · 20/04/2020 12:09

I was going to go for the Ocarro because I also fell in love with it, however when trying it out properly at M&P it was just a bit too heavy for me to pick up when folded down. I think it’s 13kgs or something so defo try lifting something of a similar weight to see how you’d feel. I needed to be realistic and think about getting it in and out of the car by myself with a screaming baby. Stress! In the end I also went for a Flip like pp, very similar but just a more light weight version. Lifting the Flip with seat attached felt a similar weight as just the Ocarro chassis. We got a good deal on the travel system bundle also. It hasn’t arrived yet so who knows how I will get on long term but just wanted to share in case it helps you x

Blueroses99 · 20/04/2020 16:40

As with all baby related things, how useful something is depends on how you are going to use it. I like the weight of it as it means it’s sturdy, with the big wheels getting on and off buses or up and down kerbs was much smoother than with a lightweight stroller. I didn’t use the car very often though so finding it heavy to put in the boot wasn’t an issue for me.

teaandtantrums90 · 20/04/2020 16:43

Thanks everyone!! I'm not tooo fussed about it being heavy, I'm quite good with heavy items and I'll only be picking it up in and out of the car, but I do appreciate that being raised. I'm glad the majority of the reviews are good, I think I will go ahead 🖤 thanks again guys :) xx

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