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My emotions are all over the place....

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nashers · 07/10/2004 13:16

Am now 17 weeks and naturally very excited about the fact that we will soon be three. The only thing is that I have recently been feeling really insecure, for no apparent reason. Insecurity is leading to paranoia, paranoia to tears, tears to tiredness and a very concered partner. The ridiculous thing is I have absolutely nothing to feel sad about. I realise I have a man loves and supports me very much as well as an incrediably supportive family and some fantastic friends. For this reason why do I feel like this. I don't want to cry anymore - surely this experience should be a fun one?

OP posts:
fufmum · 07/10/2004 13:23

Hi sorry you are having a tough time! It is completely normal to feel the way you do so beat yourself up about it! Your hormones are raging and flying all over the place. I was exactly the same some days. I still get the odd day here and there now and i am nearly 26 weeks. So please just try and relax and think about when your little bundle will be here. If it means you cry all day don't worry do it but remind yourself it's best for better if you try and keep positive as they pick up on your feelings extremely well. Trust me all pg mums go through it you are not on your own. Try keep your chin up and keep posting on here that will make you feel better just to talk about it! Good luck!

fufmum · 07/10/2004 13:24

obviously i meant DON'T beat yourself up!

northstar · 07/10/2004 13:26

Hi nashers and congratulations on becoming a mother-to-be

Unfortunately the hormone thing is par for the course. The good news is that you are enlightened enough to realise that it is a hormone induced problem, which is often half the battle. And although the experience has it's moments of "fun" it would be more realistic to also expect moments of panic, joy, heartache, worry etc etc mixed with feelings of pure wonder at the fact that you and your partner have created a little miniature person!!

And just wait till you start nesting....

Good luck nashers and it does get better xxx

tammybear · 07/10/2004 13:26

lol fufmum

dont worry nashers, it'll be down to your hormones going crazy which like fufmum says all pg mums go through. having a rant on here will do the trick xxx

northstar · 07/10/2004 13:31

hey tammybear, how are you? I was off line for ages then changed my name from ijewels will set up in chat if you want catch up i would love to hear how you and dd and dp are getting on

beansprout · 07/10/2004 13:53

Hi Nahers - congratulations on your preg and soon to be threeness!

How you feel is completely normal. I had some of the same too. I think we can feel pretty vulnerable when pregnant and it can throw a different light on our relationships. A lot of us don't necessarily feel that we look "radiant and beautiful" (no matter how many times we are told!) and along with the huge changes on the horizon, it can all add up. I think it's great that you recognise what is happening. I just tried to remember that my hormones were staging a coup and that the feelings would pass. Best of luck with everything, HTH.

nashers · 07/10/2004 15:24

A big thanks to all of you - I only discovered this site today and already feel I'm not alone. I felt guilty the other day for having my blue moments but I have to keep giving myself a pinch and reminding myself that this is all meant to be. I guess I'm just used to be the jolly girl with a big smile - usually take it all in my stride which is probably why this has all come as a bit of a shock!
I started pregnancy yoga a few weeks ago and have found that learning how to actually 'switch off' has really helped and also giving myself that bit of 'my' time! I just find that there are soo many 'scare monger' stories about and folk that say you should but on a brave face.... The problem I have with that is that i think honesty is the best policy and also know I have lovely man that wants to share all the highs and the does that mean he understands this emotional stuff? or do you think its best to keep sthum and do the brave faced thing. Crikey - am about to become a Mummy and feel like a little girl all of a sudden!

OP posts:
PocketTasha · 11/11/2004 17:24

i think most people would agree that the hugeness of becoming a mum will make you feel like a little girl. And If you are used to being independent and self sufficiant being pregnant, no matter how well planned, can make you feel vunerable. It's all about the hormones, just like everyone else has said. You already feel protective of your baby and the little bubba is inside you. It makes you feel vunerable, and insecure. But special too. Imagine how cosy things are for your baby right now, all bundled up and protected. You're making that happen... It's lovely! As for your feelings? ALWAYS SHARE THEM! Even if your partner has nothing useful to say that can help, if he's standing by with a hug and reasurrance thats all you need. And i bet you'll find that just saying how you feel out loud will make you feel even better. good luck hunny. And congratulations.

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