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Ocarro - Mamas and Papas travel system

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Dav87 · 23/02/2020 19:38

Hi - thinking about getting the Mamas and Papas Ocarro 9 Piece travel system.
Have read lots of reviews and watched some videos and it looks brilliant, but just wanted to get some views from MN buddies :)
Has anyone had the Ocarro travel system and would you recommend it please?
Thanks x

OP posts:
astridforty · 23/02/2020 19:46

Hello, we have the ocarro - bought as the 9 piece bundle in a discontinued colour so was slightly cheaper. I’m very happy with it, just a couple of niggles... it’s VERY heavy, try and get to a store and have a go with it. It’s lovely to push, it’s more moving it in and out of the car boot etc. I’m on the sturdy side and it’s about as much as I can manage to carry the frame from the car. The car seat included in the bundle is also much heavier than some alternatives. The basket is a bit difficult to access but is massive and easily holds everything we need.

DreamingofThailand · 23/02/2020 22:02

Love our Ocarro! The bassinet never seemed as big as lots of others we came across at baby groups, but baby didn’t stay in there beyond 4 months so wasn’t ever an issue. We used the Pushchair seat from 4 months as it reclines flat, and definitely easier as it folds up on the frame. That said, it is pretty heavy to lift when you have got it all folded up like that but I got used to lifting it in and out of the boot pretty quickly. I’ve used it on some pretty bumpy terrain and baby has seemed comfy enough. 11 months in and I still love it and it looks like new still, so yes would recommend!

mummyh2016 · 23/02/2020 22:35

Bought this pram back in 2017, DD will be 3 in 4 months and we still use it now. Would definitely recommend.

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