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aching knees and elbows?

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shrub · 26/09/2004 09:04

i'm 9 weeks pregnant with my third. never had this before but my knees and elbows are so sore. i feel like a little old lady - has anyone had this? does it have a name? when does it pass?

OP posts:
Twiglett · 26/09/2004 09:10

message withdrawn

shrub · 26/09/2004 09:16

thanks twiglett - i thought it was only the back ligaments that stretched - does this mean i will no longer be vertically challanged? maybe i'm having a growth 33

OP posts:
woodstock · 26/09/2004 09:54

There is another thread on this that we did recently too. I had it more in my hips than anywhere else. Definitely felt like an old lady!

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