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Am I pregnant?

HannahBoreham · 27/10/2019 17:04

Hi all, new here and need some advice. I was on hoilday last month from 14th of September to 6th of October.

I was very busy and consumed that I would forget my pill a lot. Missing two, three days at a time throughout my hoilday. If I remembered I would take two at the same time ect.

I would have some spotting every few days but nothing big. Well I stopped taking the pill on the 5th of October and waited for my withdrawal bleed. Because I was spotting very lightly at that time I thought it would come within at least three days.

What followed was about two days of very light brown spotting. More like discarge and after having sex it disappeared. That was about two days after coming back it stopped.

It's the 27th and I still don't have a proper withdrawal bleed or period. My normal withdrawal bleed lasts about six days and is heavy at first. Very similar to my actual period, but nothing. I've had lots of white creamy or thick discarge. Recently I've been feeling wet a lot down there.

About a week ago I had bad twinges and cramps for about a day on my left side. Still no sign of period but lots and lots of discarge. Not normal for me.

It's been three weeks since my brown spotting, what's happening? I've taken tests but they are negative.

Sorry for long post lol

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Bluerussian · 27/10/2019 17:23

Wait a bit and take another test. If it's still negative, you're not pregnant. I don't get why you couldn't take your pill every day on holiday but you say you didn't; plenty of people become pregnant for just that reason.

From what you've said, I think you'll be OK this time though but don't be so careless again.! Do come back and tell us.

Good luck.

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