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What can I take for this bloomin' cold??!!

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Kookie · 22/09/2004 10:05

Please help me! I can't shake this blessed cold and I'm not sure what I can take at 23 weeks PG to alleviate it. So far it has worked its way through an ear and eye infection and has now developed into a lovely runny nose - oh joy!! I've even resulted to taking a day off work (something I haven't done in over three years!) when will it all end?!!

  • Oh and while I'm here..... twinges in the groin area, non painful?- Lovely topic - surely this isn't the baby moving, isn't it too low??
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Twiglett · 22/09/2004 10:07

message withdrawn

Kookie · 23/09/2004 10:25

Thanks for the advice, doctor has given me eye drops for the eye infection and the Karvol and steam worked a treat! Thanks chuck x

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