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hyperemisis (dont know how to spell it) and ketones.

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misdee · 17/09/2004 11:34

i have just gotton out of hospital after being admitted on tuesday evening with hyperemisis. i was produsing ketones, which is not surprising considering i wasnt able to eat much and the hospital starved me frome when i was admitted, most of weds (was allowed two cream crackers and two digestive biscuits), and was only allowed water, a little bit of tea and was hooked up to a drip. I am around 16weeks. I was allowed to eat yesterday, and managed to persude them to let me out for the evening, but had to go back last night for medication and sleep.
This morning my ketones level was minimal, whereas yesterday they stayed at +4 most of the day. what does it mean? the nurse says it culd indicate malnutrition, but i eat healthily (when i can keep it down) and was eating yesterday, so cant understand how it was still high yesterday and slightly up today.

And i hate having drips put in. took the guy down in a+e 2 attempts as my veins move about and are hard to get. so now i have a lovely bruise on one arm.

OP posts:
yingers74 · 17/09/2004 11:48

hello, when i was pregnant with my ds, i had really bad morning(all day) sickness, i ate very little and drank minimal too. I also spent time in hospital with drips, and nearly always had ketones. I think basically it is about dehydration and not eating enough. My GP and midwife always nagged me to drink as much as poss and eat if i could. As long as you are eating and drinking and attending regular check ups then you should not worry too much. They said that the baby would take what it needed from my body so they only person who was suffering was me!!!!!!!!!!
Yes I loved those bruises too, they are alarming aren't they??

Snowbell · 17/09/2004 11:54

Hi Misdee, you poor thing. I know exactly what you're going through. I had hyperemesis with DD and had to spend 4 nights in hospital. Don't know too much about ketones though. I know mine were +3 when I was admitted to hospital, but didn't ask what the measurements were subsequently. If you have to go back into hospital don't let them starve you. If necessary, take your own biscuits in. They can't force you not to eat. They said I wouldn't be allowed to eat until they had brought the sickness under control with the drugs. Well, the drugs didn't bring the sickness entirely under control. After two whole days of not being allowed to eat a thing, I was still throwing up and now bringing up blood, I had to beg them to let me eat. They made me feel ten times worse by not letting me eat - I was so weak I could hardly stand. Even if you feel that you are throwing up everything you eat your body must be absorbing tiny amounts which make a difference. I realised afterwards that they don't really know what to do with hyperemesis, but I know that starving people is not the answer. If you are 16 weeks do you think it will wear off soon? Have you had it before?

zebra · 17/09/2004 11:55

Wow, misdee, so that's why you were off. Sorry to hear you're suffering. I've been pretty bad, maybe would have been hospitalised, too, if I had had more regular visits to MW.

misdee · 17/09/2004 12:03

i was pretty bad with my previous 2 but after being told by my gp 'to get on with' when i complained how sick i was (my clothes were hanging off me as couldnt keep anything down) with dd1, i didnt make a fuss of it with dd2.
i initally went to a+e on tuesday as was throwing up lumps of blood, which ripped my throat to pieces. I was only meant to be in one night, then 2, but ended up as 3 nights. the old lady in the bed next to me was sneaking me cookies yesterday between 'light meals'.

They let me out to spend an evening with my family last night which was nice but hated gong back in.

zebra, will post your cheque later on.

OP posts:
zebra · 17/09/2004 12:15

I remember throwing up blood & having a sore throat afterwards. Partly why I started taking Vit. B6 (it worked for me, to keep the sickness bearable).
Sheesh, this thread is like a kind of birth control!

misdee · 17/09/2004 12:42

its enough to put anyone off isnt it. lol.

OP posts:
misdee · 17/09/2004 19:22

i'm worried in case it happens again. the nurses said its unusual past 16 weeks. i really dont fancy spending more time in hospital than is nesscessary.

OP posts:
cog · 06/02/2007 21:23

hello just found out that other people have suffered from hyperemisis, i thought i was an alien as i hadnt heard of it b4. Got a daughter which i carried with morning sickness and second pregnancy i was diagnosed with hyperemisis at 4 1/2 wks and miscarried at 8 1/2 wks. Would like to share experiences as it has left me very wary!!!!!

FurryFox · 06/02/2007 23:01

misdee, sorry you are having such a rotton time. Understand exactly what you are going through, and everyone else suffering too. I had hyperemesis with DD.

Started being sick at 5 weeks and got worse and worse. By 7 weeks I couldn't even keep water down and was hospitalised for 3 nights and put on a drip. Knew nothing about ketones either but they kept telling me they were too high. Wanted me to eat but every time I did it would come straight back up, within seconds.

Went back in to hospital at about 11 weeks and this time stayed in for 7 nights.

Both times I was discharged from hospital felt much better but within a few days was back to how I was feeling before as was obviulsy not having drip and couldn't eat or drink still.

Avoided any more hospital trips and hypermesis finally went for good at about 20 weeks/5 months. Also lost about 2 1/2 stone in weight and went down 2 dress sizes. Nothing good about hyperemesis but being five months pregnant and a size 10 wasn't all bad when I had stopped being sick

At the time (Novemeber 2004) I had never heard of it but know a lot more about it now. Am ttc again and am fully expecting to get it.

With regards to the ketones. I think the more dehydrated you are the higher they go, it is all to do with malnutrition as others have said.

Really hoping anyone who is suffering with it starts to feel better soon, I do think it really is one of those things that unless you've been through it yourself it is hard to imagine. Also at the end of the 9 months you will have a beautiful baby. Good luck xx

mears · 06/02/2007 23:07

Gosh - what a shock I got there Didn't know Misdee was pregnant again then saw the date - Sept 2004.
Hyperemesis is horrible to experience but is a well known problem in pregnancy for some women. Sometimes the best thing is a hospital admission to get a shot of extra fluids. Can make all the difference.

FurryFox · 06/02/2007 23:09

I didn't notice the date either

hayz1984 · 07/08/2007 18:27

just wandering if anyone can help me?
im 9 wks pregnant, for the last 3 weeks felt very sick but have never been sick.
i cant eat anything as feel so sick and am only eating about 500 cals aday max.(i am drinking loads of water though)
but today i have actually been sick but have brought up blood at the same time, and now have a sore throat too.

is it normal for me to be bringing up blood?

emski3662 · 09/08/2007 18:08

i am suprised to see so many people have suffered with HG, especially as the hospital seem to know very little about it. This is my 1st pregnancy and i'm having a rough ride like many of you. I have felt sick since about 6 weeks and am now 24 weeks. I haven't eaten a meal for about 3 months and am now on an NG tube feed 10 hours a day and still have hardly any energy. Has anyone else felt really depressed with it and felt thety are lettinbg people down? I have had very high ketones at times which i've been told can be harmful to baby in later life. I seem to have developed a sort of phobia towards food now and am waiting to see a psycologist for help. Has anyone else been put on a NG tube and if so how did they cope?????
I'd love some advice about getting through it and some knowledge that i'm not the only person going through this.

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