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Should I be bleeding this much POST pregnancy? Mears/anyone?

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Quackers · 14/09/2004 21:27

Didn't know where to post this!
Had a c-section 5 weeks ago. I bled for 3 weeks and stopped for a few days. Felt ovulation a week ago but bleeding started again the following day with some clots and was heavy. I presumed this was normal but the last day or 2 it has got very, very heavy. I went through 3 pads this am and 3 this afternoon. I am seeing my GP Thursday for 6 weeks check, but wondered if this was serious? I have been on 2 different courses of antibitoics for an infection to my wound and wondered if they were linked?

OP posts:
pupuce · 14/09/2004 22:00

I don't know is the short answer but that sounds VERY heavy.... to me and certainly not usual....
If you are really concerned you could call the labour ward... I think they officially do not "care" for you past 28 days but I presume they would know.
Let us know what happens !

Twiglett · 14/09/2004 22:02

message withdrawn

mears · 15/09/2004 09:16

Quackers - have only just seen this. You should not be bleeding this heavily and I suggest you put on an emergency appointment with your GP. However, on re-reading your post it may well be that you are having a period. Does happen at this stage even with breastfeeding. Best not to assume though. If the bleeding has eased since you posted you could wait until tomorrow's appointment. The antibiotics should not make a difference to your bleeding. It is unusual to have retained products after a C/S because the doctor gives the uterus a wipe out before stsiching but it is something the 'can' happen.

fio2 · 15/09/2004 09:22

yes! thats what happened with me (I had a section too). The bleeding stopped but started heavey again as I was doing too much. Then at four to five weeks I started bleeding heavy and it turned out it was a bloody period really worried me though but the GP was sure it was a period.

See your GP just to put your mind at rest

Quackers · 15/09/2004 10:03

thanks so much! will let you know xx

OP posts:
Distracted · 15/09/2004 10:10

I did bleed for 6 weeks (didn't have a section though). At end of week 5 it was just coming to a stop and then suddenly started again incredibly heavy, with clots and I panicked, thinking infection. I did actually ring the midwives as I thought they were much more likely to know than GP (even though not under their care anymore) and they suggested it was my first period. They turned out right, but was shocked at how incredibly heavy it was. I also passed an extremely large clot at one point - like a piece of liver (sorry, rather graphic), which are the ones they tell you to look out for. Think this was around similar time, but health visitor said not to worry as was just a one-off.

It is odd though if you think it was only the day after ovulation and you should certainly check it out with someone.

Hope all's ok.

MammyShirl · 16/09/2004 00:10

i bled extremley heavy just after birth and a long time after, i passed a blood clot the size of a big orange!!! which really scared me. when i passed big clots the nurse weighed them to monitor how much blood i was losing or i put them to the side for them to see on the home visits.

its always best to get checked out - i was fine just weak for a while and i carried on wearing paper knickers for a few weeks.

Quackers · 16/09/2004 20:23

Well it has certainly slowed, thank God. Was starting to feel very faint and queasy. Doc has just told me to let her know if it gets bad again. I didn;t bleed that much when miscarrying and that was a lot. Thanks for all your inputxxxxx

OP posts:
Twiglett · 16/09/2004 20:24

message withdrawn

Quackers · 17/09/2004 20:42

Thanks Twigs, yes I am actually. Was anaemic on leaving hossie. Still taking the iron tabs as feel faint etc... Hope you;re well mate!! Bleeding slowing but intermittant. Will hopefully be back to normal soon!! xx

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