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Anyone else happy to be pregnant but feeling a bit fed up too?

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LadyPenelope · 14/09/2004 13:36

I'm about 12 weeks with my 2nd (DD 3.5). This was planned pregnancy and took us a a little while to conceive so was delighted to find out I was pregnant. So I'm happy about the future addition to the family but....

I've also got an overall feeling of being hugely fed up, overwhelmed, undervalued etc etc. Silly isn't it? I can rationalise with still having morning sickness, feeling exhausted etc, but could it also be hormones making me feel sad and grumpy? Eg, I work full time, normally love my job but it seems really boring at the moment. Meanwhile, my daughter's wonderful nanny who has worked for us for 3.5 years and lives with us is driving me crazy and I could find lots of things to critise (but don't!). Husband isn't working at moment and that is making me cross although it usually doesn't worry me at all. Overall, just feeling fed up and like I could cry....

Didn't feel like this last time I was pregnant - suffered from overwhelming tiredness etc but was really upbeat and excited. I'm just putting on the act for all around me at the moment (especially at work) and tryng not to lose it at home for the sake of everyone else. Anyone else feeling this way? Will it pass along with morning sickness... I really don't want to be a misery for months on end.

Sorry this is long - it helps to tell someone.

OP posts:
motherinferior · 14/09/2004 13:37

You will find many threads on the horrors of being pregnant, don't worry
Congratulations and hope you feel slightly better soon...

Tessiebear · 15/09/2004 10:33

LP - I felt just like this when expecting DS2! With me a lot of it was hormones and a sense of hving too much to deal with IYKWIM

LadyPenelope · 15/09/2004 13:42

Thanks for the support MI! Tessiebear - did you feel this way for 9 months or did it pass?

OP posts:
PotPourri · 17/09/2004 15:03

Lady Penelope, it has to be hormones. You say you are usually happy with your life, so the only change is being pregnant. Being morning sick can really take it out of you, making you more emotional. It's my first baby, and no pregnancy is the same they say, but good news is that I am past that stage. I still get over emotional, and am going through a grumpy phase these days. With the other pregnancy ailments I get a bit fed up some days, but I'm starting to think much more about the birth and the baby now that I can feel kicking and it is getting so close.

Don't bottle it all up though. Talk to DH, or a good friend who can give you a boost. It's perfectly normal to be affected by your hormones, and what you need is some support to get your through it. If there are a few things you can change to make life easier - do that. E.g. delegate at work, or ask your boss if there is any way to make your workload a bit more manageable/or exciting.

Of course, we mumsnetters are all here too for you!!

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