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How heavy were you BEFORE you were pregnant?

26 replies

taramac · 13/09/2004 16:48

I am currently the heaviest I have ever been and am finding it really hard this time to shift the weight and not 100% sure if I want to put myself through the whole process again.

The problem is I would really love another child but I am scared it would be a risk as I am quite overweight and have had 2 miscarriages.

So I just wondered if anyone else got pregnant and had a successful pregnancy when they were very heavy?


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taramac · 13/09/2004 16:55

bump please!

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Lowryn · 13/09/2004 16:56

Depends what you call heavy. I was 10 stone 4lbs when I got pregnant with DD. This was 11lbs heavier than my "happy weight" I had PCOS and no periods and thought that it was unlikely I could get pregnant, so was overjoyed and ate for England!
I put on around 4 stone and never shifted 2 stone of that. When I got pregnant with DS I was 12 stone 4lbs, but this time only put on 2 and a half stone. I am now 11stone 12lbs and he is 20 weeks. I have a long way to go, but feel that I will eventually hit 10 stone again!

I think that losing the weight is easier when you set your mind to it. I think that I knew I would get pregnant again after DD and for this reason, didn't really try to lose the weight. Now, since I am not going to get pg again, I have to excuse to stay "cuddly".

taramac · 13/09/2004 17:02

I am a lot heavier than that. I was 10'8 before I had my first ds and then put on a lot of weight which I then lost and was down to @11 stone when I got pregnant again with ds2. I have actually put on weight since having him and I just can't seem to shift it this time. I do have an 'issue' with food which doesn't help and am scared if I don't manage to lose the weight that I wan't get pregnant again. I also have PCOS which makes the weight shifting even harder.

OP posts:
Titania · 13/09/2004 17:04

i was 8.5 stone before now 11 stone

womba1 · 13/09/2004 17:09

taramac, i was almost 17 stone when i fell pregnant and had a perfectly healthy 8lb 6oz boy. I didn't have any problems throughout my pregnancy and i'd previously had a pregnancy that resulted in me giving birth to my son who was stillborn. With that pregnancy i weighed 13 stone and felt thoroughly ill and unhealthy. I just want to add that i'm 6ft tall and my midwife told me that so long as i felt okay, my weight wasn't considered a major issue.

taramac · 13/09/2004 17:12

Womba1 I am very sorry to hear about your first ds - I can't imagne that. I am @ the same weight as you were but a good bit shorter! Do you mind me asking if you are heavier now or then and were you happy being pregnant at that weight or did it worry you?

OP posts:
monkeygirl · 13/09/2004 17:15

I was classed as officially obese (such a horrid word!) when I became pregnant last September and I now have a healthy 3 month old, having breezed through my pregnancy with very few problems, according to my mw (despite putting on lots of weight .)

Of course it is better to be nearer your 'normal' weight (whatever that means) as it may cause problems but then it would be better if you ate healthily several months, if not years, before you got pregnant, had babies before the age of 30, only ate certain foods whilst pregnant etc get my drift. I think the only problem I really had was my mw was somewhat sizeist even though she said I was the easiest of all her pregnant women apparently, and I wished I'd refused to let her look after me.

I wanted to lose weight before getting pregnant but it just wasn't happening so in the end I decided to diet very very sensibly and slowly whilst trying to conceive as an incentive.

I'm glad I decided to go for it in the end, as otherwise I would still be here trying to lose the weight and not have a lovely ds. But good luck with whatever you decide.

taramac · 13/09/2004 17:19

Monkeygirl do you mind if I ask you how heavy you were before you got pregnant? Did you monitor your weight carefully whilst you were pregnant too? Thanks so much.

OP posts:
womba1 · 13/09/2004 17:20

Thanks Taramac. To be honest, i haven't weighed myself in a long time but i'm guessing that i'm probably about 15 stone now. I had so many other concerns coming into this pregnancy that my weight wasn't even an issue. I've always been on the heavy side and tell myself that because i'm tall, i can carry the weight...i know its just an excuse but i honestly believe that if you feel well in yourself, it shouldn't become a problem. I can run up and downstairs without getting out of breath and play with my very active 18 month old ds...and my dh and i are currently talking about having a second child. My weight isn't putting me off at good luck with whatever decsion you make x

monkeygirl · 13/09/2004 17:29

Taramac - I was 14.5 stone, having lost 2 stone in about 5/6 months whilst ttc. I was weighed once at the beginning (like everyone else at my hospital is). I believe most healthcarers don't really monitor weight these days as it's not a great indicator of anything. There are lots of thin but unhealthy people out there! My blood pressure was normal and never changed once.

artyjoe · 13/09/2004 17:29

I am currently 22 weeks with my first pregnancy. I was TTC for 9 years and suffer with PCOS and a whole heap of other stuff.

When I fell pregnant I was 17 stones 5, dropped to 16.12 and am now (today) back up to 17.5 again, so as yet haven't gained weight due to the pregnancy. I am 5'4. I am pretty sure I'll gain a couple of stones, although I may be lucky. As a sufferer of PCOS the thought of watching the scales go up daily is horrifying, but not as tragic as not being able to have a family.

I have already booked a personal trainer to come to my house twice a week for 12 weeks starting in March (8 weeks after my due date) and am determined to get back to 15 stones...and am saving for it by not buying any more takeouts between now and then! And I gave up the ciggies and wine!

I have had a difficult pregnancy in terms of sickness, but then so has my next door neighbour who is due one day after me and she must weigh 8 stones max, so nothing to do with weight.

Obviously I am only 22 weeks in but feel confident that all is going well, and all the scans say the same.

Good luck with it xx

taramac · 13/09/2004 17:32

Thanks Artyjoe - thats pretty identical to me so its good to know it can be done!! Good luck with the pregnancy and good for you organising the personal trainer - I would love that!

OP posts:
NomDePlume · 13/09/2004 18:39

I was 8st 6lbs when I got pregnant with DD, I'm 5'7". 2 years 1 months post natal and I think I'm at around 10st 4lbs.

nutcracker · 13/09/2004 18:44

Erm I was 7 1/2 stone before i had Dd1 and then 8 stone after.
After Dd2 I was about 8 1/2 stone and now after Ds (21mths), I am 9 stone.

Tessiebear · 13/09/2004 19:13

7 1/2 stone before DS1, 8 1/2 before DS2, currently 9 stone

sportyspice · 13/09/2004 20:07

Just over 7 stone when fell pregnant with dd1 and went up to 9 1/2 then back down to pre-pregnancy weight. When pregnant with dd2 i went up to 10 1/2 stone but am now down to 7st 5lb although my tummy doesn't seem as tight as it once was

eidsvold · 13/09/2004 23:01

I was the heaviest I have been when fell pregnant with dd1 - apart from morning sickness - had no problems in the pregnancy. Whilst dd was born with down syndrome and a heart defect - they had nothing to do with the weight and in the UK i was not weighed at all during my pregnancy. With no2 I have been weighed once and despite feeling huge had put on very little weight. Had lost over 2 stone when I fell pregnant with no2 and the only difference is I actually have a pregnancy bump and looked pregnant from early on. Last time I simply got rounder and looked like I had eaten all the pies. This time - had morning sickness again but am fine - managed to move to the other side of the world at 17/18 weeks, and everyone comments on how well I am looking. Despite the concern about gestational diabetes and high blood pressure - no problem in both pregnancies. In fact my blood pressure is probably the best it has ever been!!I can also tell you that there are two women in my antenatal class who are much bigger than me and are having no problems in pregnancy.

Hope that helps.

TraceyP · 14/09/2004 09:18

I am also "obese" (revolting word) and was over 19 stone when I became pregnant with my dd. I had no difficulty becoming pregnant, although some overweight people do.

Despite some negative comments from one particular midwife, my weight was never an issue, and I wasn't weighed once whilst I was pregnant. I was monitored fairly closely, but this was because of my age (I was 38) not my weight. I did develop gestational diabetes, which was probably due to my weight, but it also meant I had to be a bit more careful about what I ate, which was probably no bad thing!

I didn't put on any weight at all right up until the last two weeks of my pregnancy, partly due to incessant morning sickness and probably partly because controlling my blood sugar meant I was controlling my eating a little more, too. No-one was too concerned about my not gaining weight as, being overweight, I had plenty in reserve, so to speak!

My dd was 8lb 7oz, disgustingly healthy, despite the paediatrician's warning that she could be born with diabetes or end up obese later on. She has no health problems, and at nearly 3 and a half she is a normal weight. Although it's getting more difficult to keep up with her now, so some of this weight has got to go!

My very best wishes, and I hope you can find the confidence to try for another pregnancy, whatever your size.

prettycandles · 14/09/2004 15:20

Obese - horrible word! One scan I had had a comment on it 'view restricted by adiposity' which I thought a much nicer way of putting it .

I weighed between 14 1/2 - 15st when I got pregnant the first time, lost at least 1/2st in first trimester because of the morning sickness but went up to 16st by the time I gave birth. The only time I was weighed during that pregnancy was at my boooking in (14st). Had low bp throughout, no gd (though slightly raised sugar in my urine from about 33wks so was careful with my diet). Ds born at 39w3d, weighed 8lb10oz. No problems whatsoever at any time because of my weight. I was warned however that the more overweight you are when you get pregnnat, the more weight you tend to put on!

Second pregnancy began at 14st and was exactly the same as the first, weightwise, except that I didn't lose any weight in the first trimester. Dd was born at 41wks, weighed 9lb3oz. Again no weigh-related problems. I had SPD though .

Both times found it a struggle to shift the weight, and am still not back to pre-pregnancy this time.

The worst thing I found about being overweight and pregnant, was getting decent maternity clothes!

xoz · 14/09/2004 15:34

sorry I only know my weight in kg's.
I was 86kg when fell pg with dd1, had a complication free pg, and weighed 74kg after she was born at a healthy 9lb 10oz. then fell pg with dd2 12 months later, to find that I then weighed 96 kg. After another problem free pg, she was born and I weighed 84kg. dd2 is about to turn 2 and I am 9 weeks pg with #3. I was weighed a couple of weeks ago and now am 98kgs.
I am 5'5", but a big build with it and have done a lot of sport in the past so there is a lot of muscle as well as fat! I've decided once I've finished having my babies, then I'll worry about my weight!

xoz · 14/09/2004 15:37

Just figured it out! Remembered that there's about 6kg's to a stone, so...
86kgs is a just over 14 stone, and 96/98kg is about 16 stone.

nikcola · 14/09/2004 15:42

i was 10 stone before i had dd now in 15

honeybunny · 14/09/2004 19:41

8st8lbs before pg no1, dropped to 8st2lbs after ds1, then hovered around 8.5 before ds2, returned to same after him and now pg again. Hoping to get back to my usual 8.5st again one day.... currently 9st8lbs and 28weeks pg.

Janos · 14/09/2004 21:31

Was 11st 3lb before getting pregnant , Now 28 (nearly 29) weeks and 12st 13lb.

beansmum · 14/09/2004 21:38

just under 8st before getting pg. didn't weigh myself during pregnancy, was too scared, but 1 week after having ds i was 11st. i'm pretty short so i looked like a cube! back to 8st now

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