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Feeling broody, it's just not practicle though!

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blossomhill · 10/09/2004 22:00

I am feeling quite broody at the moment. My brother's wife had a little girl 9 weeks ago, I love her to bits. Another friend had a little girl 5 weeks ago and I visited last week - very cute. Finally tonight visited my very close friend who had a little girla couple of days ago. It was at the same hosital I had dd and ds. I just sat holding her feeling really sad that I would never have this experience again.
Until my neice was born I was like babies, no thanks. And to be honest all 3 of the people I have spoke about had birth stories from hell.
Why am I feeling like this. Dh would never agree to it and all honesty I don't want anymore as it wouldn't be practical for so many reasons.
Am I being silly, or is this normal to feel like this? My youngest was 5 last week!

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scaltygirl · 10/09/2004 23:05

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blossomhill · 11/09/2004 07:43

Scaltygirl - thanks a lot for your message. I suppose it's natural for us women to feel like this but after all it's how the world goes round. However, you are right that it's not practical for many reasons. I do feel that my family is complete and should be grateful for that. TBH The thought of ever giving birth again sends me into a state of panic!

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