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I'm so excited!!

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Twinkie · 27/08/2004 10:51

Woke up in the night last night and realised that I am super excited about being a mum again - can;t wait for the labour (am going potty in that respect I think) as I know as soon as it is over I will havea wonderful DS to look after - can't wait to cuddle hima nd share him with DD and DP and experience breast feeding again and cuddling him!!!

Ooohhhh sorry just wanted you to share with me in my hour of madness

ANd actually woke up about every 30 minutes feeling like this and wanting to go to the loo.

OP posts:
beansprout · 27/08/2004 10:53

Ah Twinkie, that's just lovely!! I've been feeling a bit like that too - I can't believe my luck!! Hurrah for happy mums to be!!!

tammybear · 27/08/2004 10:54

awww bless u, ur so lucky

motherinferior · 27/08/2004 10:58

Oh, Twinkie, I remember that. When I was vastly pregnant with dd2 I saw a baby and started cooing in an 'I want one' way and then thought 'I'm going to have one! Hurrah!'

mears · 27/08/2004 11:07

I wish it was me

Bagpuss30 · 27/08/2004 11:11

Me too . That's so lovely Twinkie .

Flossam · 27/08/2004 11:49

Twinkie, your only a few weeks ahead of me and I suddenly started feeling the same way on the way home last night! Must be the hormones!

Ixel · 27/08/2004 11:52

Would LOVE to be pregnant again. But we have 'agreed' that its better to move house and give ds as much as we can re quality of life, rather than have two kids where we are. So unless we win the lottery, I'll have to just get broody over other people's newborns.

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