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first scan - measurements - worrying about nothing??

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mckenzie · 19/08/2004 14:19

Hi all

I had my first scan yesterday (second baby) amd as the lady said she was about to do the measurements, DH laughed and made a comment about hoping the head was smaller this time as DS's head was quite big on the scan measurements and was still quite big when he was born (ouch!).

It wasn't until we left that we realised that after taking the measurements she didn't make any comment, such as "well, this one's head is normal size".

Am I worrying about nothing? Is it normal for no comments to be made about the measurement findings do you think?

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nutcracker · 19/08/2004 14:22

I wouldn't worry TBH. Some of these sonographers seem to have had personality transplants sometimes.

She probably didn't realise that you wanted her to confirm the size of the head.

Mind you I know whatever any one says you will still worry, right ??

Blackduck · 19/08/2004 14:24

Did she not record them on your paperwork? They always did with ds so you could see where he was on the charts (well off the charts actually......)

hoxtonchick · 19/08/2004 14:27

I'm absolutely sure she would have said if there was anything wrong mckenzie. Was it a 12 or 20 week scan? I don't think they do too many measurements at the 12 week one. It's all so stressful isn't it. Best wishes for the rest of your pregnancy.

beansprout · 19/08/2004 14:44

I would tend to assume that no comment meant that there was nothing out of the ordinary to comment on. It's horrible though, I know I wanted every bit of information (reassurance) they could give me.
Are the measurements on your notes so you can have a look at the charts? Could always ask your midwife?

mckenzie · 19/08/2004 15:02

thanka for all the replies. It was just my 12 week scan. I dont get my notes until after my 16 week midwife appointment so I guess I'll just wait until then. I think i'll manage to not worry about it between now and then and I guess if I find I am still thinking about it next week, I can phone the midwife and by then she will have the scan notes huh?
I'm busy trying to find DS's scan picture so i can make a comparision. I know I put it somewhere safe nearly 4 years ago but I cant quite remember wherer!!

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