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Chicken pox and pregnancy - help!

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tassis · 17/08/2004 18:18

Last night I found out that I'm pregnant and I'm delighted! I've just noticed that ds has spots and I'm concerned they could be chicken pox. What are the risks of being exposed to CP when pregnant? (I had CP as a child).

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MummyToSteven · 17/08/2004 18:21

If you had CP as a child it is very unlikely you could get it again from DS (unless you had a really mild version)

MummyToSteven · 17/08/2004 18:21

oops I meant unless you had a really mild version the first time round

honeybunny · 17/08/2004 18:35

I agree, its v unlikely to cause any probs for you. I'm pg and just had my ds2 down with CP. Apart from being knackered with the sleepless nights, I've been fine. There's a slight risk if you immunosuppressed that you may get shingles, but normally CP is a once only illness.

cazzybabs · 18/08/2004 11:16

You can ask your doctor for a blood test to check you are immune but this needs to be done ASAP.

PandaBear · 18/08/2004 11:47

I'm 28 weeks, and spoke to my GP about exactly this yesterday. She said that you only have to worry about it if you've never had chicken pox. Congratulations, by the way!!

tassis · 18/08/2004 13:07

Thanks everyone! Actually the spots have faded and I think I may have over-reacted ever so slightly!

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