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Period pains at 29 weeks?

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Turtle35 · 08/08/2004 19:38

Last night I had really painful - what felt like period pain again, way worse than first 2 months of pregnancy. Is this just my uterus stretching again??

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Levanna · 08/08/2004 20:22

I had the same (well, so it sounds!) a couple of weeks ago (I'm 37 weeks now). I went in to get checked out and (they monitored me and tiny, and did an internal exam to check for signs of early labour) it turns out it's just the ligaments stretching again. I do remember this from my last pregnancy, though it seems 'worse' this time. Now, I regularly get woken up with what feel like quite severe period pains in my lower belly, back and thighs.
If you are worried though, do go in to be checked, or call your midwife, they won't mind! Also, if they develop into a pattern, or become regular pains it might be best to double check all's well. Also (when I went in) they suggested I keep an eye that tiny's movements were as normal, and that I didn't experience any loss of blood/mucus/waters too - if I did notice anything amiss, I was to go back in (as you would anyway!).
HTH and I'm sure you're both fine .

Turtle35 · 09/08/2004 14:14

Levanna thank you for your note, it's so reassuring to hear other people feeling the same aches and pains. Thankfully it was just the one night of what felt like excruciating period pains but I think the little one had a big growth spurt and really put my uterus to the test

This is my first baby so all of these experiences can be terrifying.

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