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Advice for triggering labour!!!

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fatbetty · 04/08/2004 11:03

Hello All! I'm a virgin to mumsnet discussions and I am in need of advice for triggering labour. I am 9 days overdue and very frustrated as nothing is happening. I've had a membrane sweep done about 6 days ago and had reflexology done yesterday - and still nothing. I did have a few twinges last night but got up to get a drink and everything fizzled out. Any advice or suggestions that might have worked for you??

OP posts:
WideWebWitch · 04/08/2004 11:07

I think they come when they're ready tbh fatbetty. Welcome though!

sleeplessmum2be · 04/08/2004 13:37

Fat Betty, i give you all my sympathy as i too would love to know any tricks for triggering as i am fat and fedup too!!! Many people suggest sex or /and a curry. Personally i cant think of two other things i least want!!! Have you tried essential oils i think the recommended one is clarys sage Hope someone comes up with something soon.

motherinferior · 04/08/2004 13:40

Oh sweetheart, welcome to Mumsnet and I really, really hope it starts soon. Can you let us know how it goes?

fatbetty · 04/08/2004 17:53

I completely agree with you sleeplessmum2be! Sex and curry are really the last things I could possibly want right now. I had another reflexology session today and have a feeling that my dh is going to insist on having a spicy curry tonight. I had a friend give me some essential oils from Neal's Yard - but nothing has come of that. I don't think my situation has been helped by the fact that my in-laws have descended on me since my due date.

OP posts:
musica · 04/08/2004 17:57

sex sex sex - does work - you just have to grin and bear it!

tex111 · 04/08/2004 18:29

Hi fatbetty! I was told a bumpy ride in the car can get things going, or going on a swing at the playground. You've probably heard all the others - curry, sex, glass of wine, relaxing bath. Hope that baby arrives soon!

wellsie · 04/08/2004 20:37

Find all the speed bumps in town and go over them really fast - that's what we did and my contractions started approx 4hrs later!
Good luck, not long now.

mears · 04/08/2004 21:16

Relax and try not to stress over it. Try reverse psychology and make a hairdresser appointment, that often works

tex111 · 05/08/2004 09:00

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fatbetty · 05/08/2004 10:15

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