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Show. Is this normal?

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sponge · 02/08/2004 08:34

I had some browny discharge on Saturday which I assumed was a show. However I'm still getting it 2 days later. A couple of more reddish streaks but basically still brown. Has anyone else had it go on like this? I'm not keen to ring the hospital as I had this with dd, the hospital asked me to come in to be checked and then wouldn't let me go home again and started talking about induction. I don't want this unless absolutely necessary. I'm 39+5.

OP posts:
pesme · 02/08/2004 08:41

My show was abit like this which threw me as I was expecting a 'plug' of mucus (nice). Totally understand about not wanting to go into hospital and get on the birth threadmill but is there a friendly midwife or gp you could discuss this with? Good luck - how exciting.

StripyMouse · 02/08/2004 08:41

My show with DD1 was a brownish discharge that was not much and went on for at least a couple of days followed by a more definite show the day before I went into labour - this was a big blob of "jelly" - clear and streaked with blood. Got to say though, even though my show went on for a few days, that doesn?t mean that you should just sit back and ignore it, esp. if you develop any other symptoms. If the doctors want to keep you in and monitor you, I am sure that it will be for a good reason. They don?t usually waste their time and bedds if they don?t think it is really valid. I would phone your midwife who knows your recent medical history the most and should advise you. Better to be safe than sorry xxx (sorry, I know that wasn?t the answer you are looking for)

sponge · 02/08/2004 09:15

Thanks. I will call the midwife though it's reassuring to hear that others have had similar experience.
They only kept me in last time because it was hospital policy to keep you in for unexplained bleeding, which is how I had described it as naive first time mum.
Let's hope it's a sign that the main action isn't far off.

OP posts:
sibble · 04/08/2004 20:49

hi sponge, was interested to see if you called the hospital and what they said. I too had what I thought ws a show on monday, but am still passing (sorry to be graphic) 'jelly' which is no longer pink or brown stained but bright red blood. don't want to be a pain and call the hospital again but on the other hand would never forgive myself if something was wrong and I ignored it. ws wondering what they said to you, if you are similar and if this was normal?

mears · 04/08/2004 21:43

As long as the 'show' is slimy and not just fresh blood on it's own, it is not a problem. Internal exminations can trigger it. It can also go on for days. If pregnancy has been progressing OK and baby is moving I would not be concerned.

sibble · 05/08/2004 08:59

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