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Pregnancy weight gain

19 replies

debster · 04/07/2002 19:10

OK folks I need some reassurance. How much weight did you/have you put on during pregancy? All the pregnancy books I've read mention putting on around 28 lbs in total. I'm 26 weeks and have already put on 30 lbs and I was already 2 stone overweight . Please tell me I'm not the only one. With my first pregancy I put on a total of 4 stone and only lost 2 stone after the birth!

OP posts:
SoupDragon · 04/07/2002 19:16

With DS1 I put on 4 stone, lost half of it in 5 days (yes, really!) and the rest in 6 months. I actually ended up 4lb under my pre-pregnancy weight. With DS2 I put on 3 stone, again lost about half in under a week and the rest in 6 months.

I did breastfeed for over a year for both and I firmly believe that this helped me shift the weight successfully.

I should point out that DS1 was fairly hefty at 10lb 1oz so a lot of the initial weightloss was baby & placenta.

Enid · 04/07/2002 20:26

debster, I am 26 weeks and was weighed at 24 - had only put on 8lbs but that was because I was very sick in the first 4 months and actually lost weight! But I can tell I have put on a good few more pounds since then. I put on 3 stone with dd, and it took me AGES to lose it, finally shifted the final bit with a strict diet when dd was about 15 months old. I am trying to put on less than 3 stone this time...trouble is, I have stopped denying myself ANYTHING that I fancy. Luckily this week the thing that I MUST HAVE is Granny Smiths apples, but last week it was Haagen Daz Vanilla Ice Cream in St Louis waffle cones. And Fuse bars.

Try not to stress about the weight loss, equally try not to pig out too much if its going to make you depressed. Accept that you will put on more weight, its supposed to be a pound a week from now on - thats 14lbs, so only a stone more. Then bfeed (didnt work for me but seems to for most people) and go to Weight Watchers if you can't stick to your diet. Thats what I am going to do anyway.

Lollypop · 04/07/2002 21:01

I put on over 3.5 stone and as I was under 9.5 that's quite a bit for me. It all went a couple of months after I stopped breastfeeding. I was lucky I didn't have to diet, I hope it's the same this time as this week I'm building the baby out of treacle tart and custard.

Eulalia · 04/07/2002 21:13

23lbs with pg no 1 all of which I lost in about 3 months. pg no 2 was slightly more - about 25lbs - after the birth I lost a stone in a few days but am still holding onto about 7lbs and 11 weeks later there doesn't seem to be much sign of it moving. I am still hoping though ...!!!

aloha · 04/07/2002 22:06

I don't know anyone who only managed to put on a mere 2stone. I put on at least four but like you still have 2stone to lose I just think some of us are destined to put on more weight and there really isn't that much you can do about it. I ate really healthily most of the time. I am still b/f so desperately hope that some more will come off when I stop, as I believe happens with some people due to drop in prolactin (the fattening, libido-lowering hormone that makes milk!). I didn't mind being fat when pg but do mind being a size larger now.

SueDonim · 05/07/2002 07:25

I put on 2st each time and always lost it all apart from after my last baby. As I'm in my 40's the dr says it's middle-age spread - how depressing is that???? Mind you, I weighed under 7st at one time and tbh I feel better with a bit of a covering. Just wish I could lose my tummy.

My SIL put on 10lbs with each pg and came home from hospital in her jeans, pah!

SueDonim · 05/07/2002 07:25

I put on 2st each time and always lost it all apart from after my last baby. As I'm in my 40's the dr says it's middle-age spread - how depressing is that???? Mind you, I weighed under 7st at one time and tbh I feel better with a bit of a covering. Just wish I could lose my tummy.

My SIL put on 10lbs with each pg and came home from hospital in her jeans, pah!

Joe1 · 05/07/2002 08:06

Debster, I dont even weigh myself and dont think I have been weighed at any of my checks. I am 5ft 7in so carry my weight quite well. I dont think I have put on as much weight this time round, but I was sick this time most days to begin with and I didnt lose all my weight from ds. One midwife said to me dont worry about it while pregnant, you can not diet then, wait until the baby is born and then do something about it.
Im sure the pounds have piled on at the moment cant stop eating crackers and cheese and this lovely chocolate ice cream from Asda, Oh and smarties again. I tried buying the little boxes instead of the tubes but still eat loads.
When our babies are born, as our due dates are quite close together, we will hold each others hand on the road to our original figure, what do you say.

Amanda1 · 05/07/2002 08:24

Message withdrawn

debster · 05/07/2002 09:28

Oh no, now I'm really depressed!

Joe1 - is the chocolate ice cream from Asda the dairy one with choc sauce and flakes on the top? If so I agree with you - it is yum . I'd be happy to share weight loss experiences with you after the big events.

It doesn't help that I'm only 5'1" tall. Any extra weight immediately makes me look dumpy!

OP posts:
Marina · 05/07/2002 09:47

Debster, don't be depressed, you are not alone. I am a shorty too and also found b/f did not help me shift an ounce. Moreover, I put on 3 stone during my first pregnancy and hardly lost any of it (I cannot believe I am writing such a shaming confession). I think the advice here about relaxing now and taking action after is wise, I am definitely signing up for WW once the baby has arrived safely.

Joe1 · 05/07/2002 10:07

Thats the one Debster, Im trying to keep it to one tub a week.

Anyway, I thought this was the one time in a womans life that she could eat anything and everything and not worry about putting on a few pounds as we are pregnant. I straight away go round, like im carrying extra fluid on all parts of my body. Dh loves me when Im pregnant (when Im not too ) so I dont worry about my weight, its only for a few months and then we can think about shifting it. Debster, cheer up go and have some ice cream

Rkayne · 05/07/2002 10:15

I put on 3 stone - which I thought was great at the time (I loved being pregnant!), but then took a lot longer to loose it than I thought I would. I was imagining, being back into my old clothes at 3 months and looking fab by 6....hah! It took me a good 8 months to get back into my old jeans and almost a year to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. And even now, 15 months on I've still got that little bit of a tummy I never, ever had before! How do you get rid of it???

The funny thing is, from about 2 months - 5 months after the birth, I was still on mat leave and it was the middle of summer. So I was out walking with the buggy all the time, going to the gym 2-3 times every week and still couldn't shift the last 1 1/2 stone (the first 1 1/2 came off without trying thank goodness!). Then at 5 months I went back to work and hardly had time to excersize and it just started to come off on it's own. Slowly, mind you, but it did come off. I think being back in a busy routine, with little time to sit around watching telly helped. Who knows.

Anyway, try not to be too depressed! There will be plenty of time to try and get fit again after the baby arrives. Now is not the time to worry about it!

Queenie · 05/07/2002 13:00

With dd put on 1.5 stones and lost it within 3 weeks of the birth - actually went down to below pre-preg weight. This time at 29 weeks have put on about 1 stone so far however was a bit overweight when I got pregnant so will probably have to work harder this time to lose it - apparently the tummy bit is so hard because you need to get your head to subconsiously pull in those tummy muscles first before exercising them as no amount of sit ups will work if you don't.

threeangels · 06/07/2002 22:11

With my first two pregancies I put on exactly 50lbs each and with third it was 31lbs. Beleive it or not Im past my highest pregnancy weight now and Im not even pregnant. I never lost all my weight and only put more weight on slowly. I am getting ready to diet though.

carrieboo · 06/07/2002 23:23

I put on 2stone 4lbs wth my first son and six months on still have 1/2 stone to go, but now I've finnished brestfeeding I have started Slim Fast (on Monday actually!) I chose that one as that way I only had to think about prepareing healthy food one a day.

Any way when I complain about my new found lbs my h always says who cares about your weight your a mummy now - and he's right it's all good and well worrying about it but you can't compare yourself to before as things have now changed for ever and would you have it any other way?

Go with what everyone says enjoy it now and worry about it later. What with mood swings and sleep less nights etc. you may as well enojoy what I can see is the only perk of being pregnant, well except for the baby but when you feel like a beached whale that side of things seams a million miles away!.

carrieboo · 06/07/2002 23:25

By the way 2stone of that was from 27 weeks on! so what ever you do it catches up with you.

SofiaAmes · 09/07/2002 01:16

I was super thin before getting pregnant and despite lots and lots of puking still managed to put on 45 pounds during my first pregnancy. I lost about 30 pounds within the first 6 months and the rest in the next 3 or 4 months. I didn't have to do any dieting or more exercise than normal (yoga once a week) to lose it. Though I was breastfeeding. I am now pregnant again and at 27 weeks am 35 pounds over my normal weight. Yuck! I haven't fit into my normal clothes since I was 6 weeks pregnant.

Queenie · 09/07/2002 13:07

The problem this time with weight gain is that it is everywhere where first time round it was just belly. This time my hips and bum are larger and the tops of my arms so although pound for pound I'm not piling it on I look big all round and don't feel as though I want to "parade" my pregnancy around as I did before. Have bought maternity clothes this time where as before bought larger sizes 14 -16. I have to lose it all for my brother's wedding in December - this gives me 12 weeks.

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