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Thick question

12 replies

dinny · 23/07/2004 09:29

I can't remember this feeling from my last pregnancy - I am 34 weeks and 2/5 engaged. There is SO much squirming down by pubic hairline area - really uncomfy! Also movements are generally becoming uncomfy - like they can take away my breath a bit. Is this normal? Midwife says baby is a "good size". DD was pre-term so am not familiar with later stages of pregnancy!

OP posts:
angelpoppet · 23/07/2004 09:40

can't say I remember any "squirming" but having you breath taken away is fairly usual.

I think it's just wen the baby gives you a good hard kick - it's probably running out of space in you tum.

If your worried though just ask your midwife - I'm sure she won't mind.

Chandra · 23/07/2004 09:43

Dinny, DS's head engaged around 32-34 weeks and there was some times when I found difficult even to walk but then it came back to normal until the day of the delivery. Hope anybody can say somthing more.

Chandra · 23/07/2004 09:44

Agree with that, ask your midwife, you may get something to help you easy the disconfort.

prettycandles · 23/07/2004 14:53

That sounds very like my experience. The only things I found helpful were floating in the pool and rolling around draped over my birthing ball.

dinny · 23/07/2004 15:16

Swimming helps, Prettycandles - I'm just amazed how different each pregnancy can be.

The midwife guided my hands so I could feel the head the other day - amazing!

OP posts:
mears · 23/07/2004 15:34

Dinny - is your midwife 100% sure you are not Breech? Squirming in that area can be little feet bouncing on your bladder. Do you feel any gliding movements under your ribs and diaphragm? That can take your breath away.

Don't mean to scaremonger. If you are there is plenty of time for it to move at 34 weeks.

dejags · 23/07/2004 20:52


Totally know how you feel - I feel exactly the same and am pretty sure he isn't breach - I am having regular growth scans which show he is head down...

I think it's normal... beats the horrendous rib pain I endured during my last pregnancy...

Chandra · 23/07/2004 21:15

The birthing ball was great, we were inseparable during the last 3 months

Levanna · 23/07/2004 21:22

Hi dinny, I'm 35 weeks and I have had some movements this time round (second pregnancy) which are really quite uncomfortable, verging on painful at times! It was more uncomfortable lower down when I had a UTI and tiny baby insisted on bouncing on my already sore bladder. At the moment I'm getting some extremely strong kicks to one side in particular which leave me gasping. I'm sure it's due to tiny baby having more scope for movement since it's all been stretched once before as I only remember one or two movements taking my breath away last time. I'm keeping in mind that lots of good strong movements can only be a good thing!

dinny · 26/07/2004 19:50

Oh God, Mears, hope it's not breech. Midwife seemed pretty sure I was 2/5ths engaged - and as I write I can feel hiccups low down.

Should I just wait till my antenatal at 36 weeks and see what they say then or call them? THINK I can feel poking under ribs on my right-hand side, like I had with dd1.

At least if it were breech and I had a C-section it would cut my GBS out of the equation...

OP posts:
dinny · 31/07/2004 20:41

Ended up being monitored in hospital as called to ask mw advice re strange feelings. Turns out have another UTI. Yet another course of antibios - my poor baby.

OP posts:
Tommy · 31/07/2004 21:10

aah - remember it well. Out of breath and off to the loo every 5 minutes!

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