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Has it started early?

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bambino1 · 22/07/2004 14:11

I'm due on the 10th august but earlier on I had a back pain like I needed to go for a number 2 desperatly. I went to the toilet and it turned out to be wind. then a lot of water came but I don't think it was urine. I haven't felt anything since. have I started early?

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Fio2 · 22/07/2004 14:12

sometimes it can just be hind waters, but if you do think it is your waters let your midwife know and they can do a swab

pupuce · 22/07/2004 14:14

Are you still leaking?

bambino1 · 22/07/2004 14:16

No i haven't leaked since and I have had a normal wee since aswell.

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pupuce · 22/07/2004 14:17

Read this thread

bambino1 · 22/07/2004 14:23

Doesn't sound the same as me but then I was on the toilet. I am really confused. Midwife has told me to put a pad on and check the for colour change. What colour should I be looking out for?

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